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Early Life

David "D. W." Griffith operated his uncle's Gem Theater on Times Square.[1]

Luke Cage

He leased a 3rd story office to Luke Cage. Cage inflicted almost constant damage to the facility, including wrecking his theatre.[2] However, Griffith remained a close friend to Luke. For a period of time in his life, Cage considered D.W. Griffith his only friend.

Griffith sometimes proved quite useful to Cage in his adventures. Griffith used his expertise of audio-visual equipment to let the residents of Security City know the true evil intentions of Cage's nemesis Gideon Mace.[3] Later he valiantly attempted to free Cage from the hypnosis of the Circus of Crime.[4]

D.W. was also a "film student,"[5] and attempted to produce his own productions. Once Dave became somewhat depressed, he considered taking a lethal dose of Acid Z and jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. However, a mysterious stranger convinced him to be happy with his life, regardless of which stage it was presently in.[6]

Mighty Avengers

D.W. was contacted by Cage again when he formed the Mighty Avengers, he asked him if they could use the Gem Theater as their base, to which he agreed.[7]


  • Dave is named after the movie director of the same name, famed as much for his early film techniques as the evident racism in his most well known film, Birth of a Nation, which was meant to glorify the Klu Klux Klan.[6]

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