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David's father died during an attack in Israel, and he was raised by Moira Kinross.

He joined the Mutant Resistance and was present during the first days of Fortress X. Witnessing the Avengers defend the Fortress against the Hulk, and observing Sue Storm's force field, he teamed-up with four others telekinetics to erect a barrier around the Fortress, creating the Force Warriors.

For thousands of days, they preserved the barrier, preventing the Humans from taking the Fortress and rebuilding the telekinetic defences after each battle, but one day, Moira was crying by David, blaming Magneto for the coming fall of their haven. David then led the Force Warriors against Magneto, claiming control of the Resistance, and briefly faced Moonstar's Cadre, Legacy, Magneto and the former prisoners of the X-Brig; Kitty Pryde and Charles Xavier.

Xavier at last revealed the truth about their reality, and Moira, who was revealed to be a part of Legion's fractured mind. In retaliation, she created a massive Human Coalition attack, forcing Fortress X into action. David managed to re-integrate Moira into his psyche and used the powers he reclaimed from her to restore reality to its true form.[2]



David in this reality does not seem to have access to any of his abilities except a very powerful form of telekinesis, but at the same time is not burdened by his usual slew of multiple personalities. This is likely because of Moira Kinross' influence on his psyche, but once he recalls the truth, they are seemingly those of his original.

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