Quote1 My name is Legion, for we are many! Quote2
-- Legion

David Charles Haller is the son of Charles Xavier, who later became the founder of the X-Men, and Gabrielle Haller, who later became the Israel ambassador to Great Britain. Xavier and Gabrielle Haller had an affair in Israel nearly two decades ago, and Xavier was unaware when he left Israel that Haller was pregnant with his son. Haller concealed the fact that Xavier was the father of her son, David, and Xavier himself only learned that he was David's father recently. Because Xavier was himself a superhuman mutant, David was born a mutant with the potential for superhuman powers.

Early Life and Power Development

When David was living in Paris with his mother, who was a member of the Israel diplomatic service, her home was invaded by a terrorist assassination team out to kill every Israeli they could find there. They murdered David's stepfather, Daniel Shomron, before his eyes. David's terror catalyzed his latent psionic powers, which he used to incinerate the brains of the assassins. However, as he did so, he found himself making telepathic contact with each of his victims, thus experiencing their thoughts and emotions as they died. The horror of all this deeply traumatized the gentle, loving David, forcing him into a catatonic state. The consciousness of the leader of the assassins, Jemail Karami, was absorbed into David's mind.

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Karami's consciousness merged with David's, and it took Karami years to separate his consciousness from his psychic captor's. Nevertheless, although Karami regained his own sense of self, his consciousness remained trapped within David's mind. Karami discovered that he somehow gained control of David's mutant telepathic power and used it to read David's mind. Karami thus discovered that David was essentially a gentle, innocent person. Karami then read the minds of Gabrielle Haller and others, and thus gained an understanding of Karami decided to restore David's mind to normalcy. The terrible trauma that David had suffered had splintered David's personality into multiple personalities. Each of these many personalities controlled a different psionic power. The nature of most of these powers is as yet unknown. Karami began re-integrating these personalities into David's core personality, which was that of a little boy desperately needing parental help.

However, some of these personalities resisted Karami's efforts, and two proved to be particularly formidable opponents: Jack Wayne, a swaggering adult roustabout adventurer, who commanded David's telekinetic power, and Cyndi, a temperamental, rebellious girl who controlled David's pyrotic power. Wayne was especially hostile, and intended to destroy Karami's consciousness somehow in order to preserve his own independent existence within David's mind. Karami found himself fighting a war with Wayne and the other resisting personalities within a dreamscape world within David's mind that resembled a mad blend of Paris (from David's childhood memories) and Beirut (from Karami's memories).

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On Muir Island

When David was in his late teens he had gone from being catatonic to being autistic and had been placed by his mother in the care of Dr. Moira MacTaggart, a renowned scientist engaged in the study of mutants, and a longtime colleague of Charles Xavier. David began to manifest his psionic abilities uncontrollably in the real world, and absorbed the psyches of two of MacTaggart's friends, Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander. MacTaggart summoned Xavier to her research center on Muir Island off the coast of Scotland, and he brought with him several of the New Mutants, including Cypher, Mirage, and Wolfsbane. David absorbed MacTaggart and Wolfsbane's consciousnesses, or their astral selves, into his mind. Xavier's astral self attempted to probe David's mind, bringing Mirage's astral self with him for assistance. David's mind then absorbed the astral selves of Cypher and Gabrielle Haller, and the astral selves of Xavier and Mirage followed them into David's mind. It was just before Xavier actually entered David's mind that he learned that David was his son and that the multiple personalities called themselves Legion (after the Biblical quotation "My name is Legion for we are many").

All of the consciousnesses that Legion had just "captured" retained their independent existences within David's mind. These new arrivals found themselves teaming up with Wayne and Cyndi against Karami, having been deceived by Wayne as to Karami's true motives. However, Mirage prevented Wayne from destroying Karami, who told her and Gabrielle Haller how he had been trying to help David. Working with the reluctant Wayne, Mirage and Karami completed the task of restoring David's mind to near-normalcy, and Mirage and Karami returned the consciousnesses absorbed from outside (including Mirage's own) back to their own bodies. (Since Karami's body was long dead, his psyche remained within David's mind.)

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However, Karami was unable to integrate the Wayne and Cyndi personalities into David's core persona, and so they remained separate personalities within David's mind. Wayne and Cyndi sometimes spoke to people in the real world through David, as could Karami, whose consciousness also remains an independent entity within David's mind. However, David himself was no longer autistic, and his normal, core personality was in control of his mind and body. Since he had been autistic for half his life, David's dominant personality was still that of a ten-year-old boy, the same as it was before he suffered the trauma. Apparently the conflict within David's mind among his splinter personalities affected his physiognomy, accounting for his unusual appearance. (Perhaps one of his personalities controlled shapeshifting powers.) It is not known whether or not David would have become more normal in appearance now that his normal personality had been restored to control of his body.

One day an accident happened that would've led to the death of Wolfsbane and Moira if David hadn't used his Telekinesis power to save them. However, by doing this David allowed Jack to take control over his body and escape to Scotland to indulge himself as he chose. The New Mutants tracked him down and fought him. Jack forced Cyndi into helping him. Cyndi didn't like to be anyone's puppet, but didn't want to be locked up for only wanting to live. Sunspot had Magik take him and Legion into Limbo, warning Jack that unless he relinquished control, Magik would remove him from Legion's mind and obliterate him; in response, Jack retreated to David's subconscious, allowing David to resume control.

Muir Island was attacked by Donald Pierce and his Reavers as part of their ongoing campaign against Wolverine and his friends. David was in the nursery playing with Sunder and the Warpies, who were taken in as the island become a safe haven for the lost souls. Again, David reached out with his telekinetic powers, hoping to defend his friends from harm, but again allowed Jack Wayne to reach the surface of his mind. Once in control, Wayne thought it would be cute to reshape the telekinetic shield to protect only him, leaving Sunder vulnerable to the gunfire.[4]

Jack and Cyndi ran wild during the attack, doing as they pleased without any thought of the consequences, even once Freedom Force arrived to help fend off the Reavers. . By snuffing out Pyro’s flame at a key moment, Cyndi incidentally ensured the death of Stonewall. Legion, while under the control of the Shadow King, also assaulted the elderly precognitive, Destiny, who had sensed him in advance and sent her protector Forge away so that he would not suffer the same fate. Legion probed Destiny’s mind, only to see visions of his own uncertain future reflected in her precognitive sight. Panicking, Legion struck out with a telepathic blast and killed Destiny before she could show him any more.[5][6]

Legion’s part in the day’s tragedies remained unknown; due to the fortifying of the island’s defenses and the overall negative emotional influence of Lorna Dane’s new powers no one noticed the changes in Legion. Jack Wayne assumed control over David’s body and all of his powers and decided to have some fun with the island’s inhabitants. Jack imprisoned Polaris in the Mutant X detention cell, since she was the only one unaffected by her own “negativity” force and therefor she could have find out about him.

Jack acted like David Haller in the presence of others, and so he allowed himself to be used by Forge in an experiment to locate the missing X-Men with a Cerebro unit. Unfortunately, they made telepathic contact with something else, the Shadow King.[7]For unknown reason the Shadow King let go of his hold of the island when New Warriors and New Mutants descended on Muir Island. Legion tried to use his power for reabsorbing Proteus’s energy out of Piecemeal. Unfortunately, the depth of Piecemeal’s pain telepathically bled through Legion’s mind, causing him to drop his telekinetic fields and the plan fell apart and Proteus’s energy burned out Piecemeal and re-birthed Proteus who banished the heroes to a dimension of nothingness.[8]

X-Factor, who had made a failed attempt to stop Proteus and reclaim Edinburgh were also banished. Jean Grey who had been exposed to Proteus’s thoughts during the fight, she used Legion and Jemail’s telepathy to share the experience with everyone, showing them the peace Proteus had achieved in his discorporated state and his efforts to restructure Edinburgh were an attempt to recreate that peace in the real world. Tragically, the gathering of heroes were forced to convince Proteus he could never find the same happiness in life that he found in death so the Proteus chose to die again.[9]

After returning to the Muir Island, the Shadow King, Using Jack Wayne’s captive Polaris as a nexus for negative energy, Shadow King expanded his influence over the globe, pushing the darkness within humanity to the surface. The X-Men, who had just returned from space with Professor X, attempted to infiltrate the island but were quickly discovered. Legion personally confronted Storm. David Haller resisted the Shadow King’s demands, but Jack Wayne was more than willing to carry out Farouk’s commands. The negative influence made Wayne strong enough to access all of Legion’s powers and he shot down Storm with a combination of telepathic, telekinetic and pyrokinetic power.[10] After the death of his primary host, the Shadow King took a new host, Legion himself and used his immense power to unleash a devastating blast that destroyed more than two-thirds of Muir Island.[11]

The Shadow King used David body to torment Prof. X and mocked him when he thought that he was corrupting David. The Shadow King revealed that he'd merely given David self-control by healing his fractured mind, and that David enjoyed it. David's physical body was hurt by Storm and needed time to heal so the Shadow King retreated. When the Shadow King was finally defeated and pushed from David's mind, David was left in a vegetative state.[12] Prof. X didn't want to lose his son and tried desperately searching for any trace of consciousness inside David’s mind, but was unable to locate any signs of activity. He reluctantly accepted that David was gone.[13]

Legion Quest

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David was consigned to an intensive care ward at a hospital in Tel Aviv, his body receiving the best of care in the hopes that his mind might someday return. Many months later, David did awaken, with his mind completely healed, after visions of Destiny prodded him out of his coma and urged him on towards his true destiny.[14] For a time David would fake being in a coma, while using his telepathic power to link his mind to his father's dreams and taking the form of Magneto and try to convince his father that if Magneto was out of the way his dream would come true. However, David attempts failed as his father declared that what happened can't be undone and there is no way for them to know it would happened that way. Hearing this, David revealed himself and told his father that he believe he is wrong.[15] When Mystique came to kill David for killing Destiny, he ended his acting and stopped her from killing him and told her that he was expecting her.[16]

Mystique would try to kill David with her own hands, only to be pushed away by a telekinetic blast. Mystique fled, promising to return and was chased by X-Factor. Gabrielle Haller was shocked and overjoyed when David called her mother, seeing that her son was finally whole again and calling her mother. David fainted again and in his mind made a tombstone for his splinter personality and having another vision of Destiny. When he awakened, his talk didn't make much sense to his mother and when she brought Forge to see him he was gone. David found Mystique battling Forge and Wolfsbane and would stop them so he could talk telepathically to Mystique. He delivered Destiny's message to Mystique and teleported X-Factor away, saying they need to be somewhere else. When Mystique asked David why did he do that, he said he would fix everything and make it all better before flying away.[17]

David made his way into Negev Desert and had another vision of Destiny, who tells him that only he can heal the rift between humans and mutants and make the world right as his father always wanted and it is his destiny. Therefore he started to construct a "psychic punker".[18] Trying to determine David's motivation and goals, the military would send many kind of vehicles into the dome David constructed only to have it destroyed. Gabrielle Haller contacted the X-Men for help. The X-Men were not much help as the moment they tried to enter David's punker, they were caught in David's telekinetic field. David was happy to see his "step-sibling" as he believed they were there to wish him a bon voyage. The same moment Storm asked to let go of the Blackbird, David used his reality altering power to remove the X-Men from their vehicle and assured them that he parked it. Legion told the heroes to say what they want and to watch their tone as he is no longer insane. Jean tried to reason with David, that he is not as healed as he thinks he is, but David didn't agree. He now sees himself as whole and has the power to show his father the love he long denied him and he would strengthen his father's dream. David would return to his mysterious work and whatever the X-Men did, they couldn't affect him or whatever he did. When Storm asked him why would he do such a thing, David pulled her into a portal and Storm found herself at the point in time she lost her parents. David told her she could save them and Storm tried, only to be pulled back into the future. She believed all that she saw in the past was illusion, but David told her that was real time travel and it's not his fault she wasn't fast enough to save her family. At that moment Storm realized what Legion was trying to do and had Psylocke link her mind with Bishop, as he was linked to Legion due to absorbing some of his energy and when Legion tried to leap in time again the X-Men were pulled with him except Jean Grey.[19]

An alternate future dubbed the "Age of Apocalypse" was created when Legion went back in time to kill Magneto before he could oppose Xavier's dream, but instead Legion ended up inadvertently killing Xavier.[20] It became the X-Man Bishop's task to set things straight as the only person able to remember the proper events. When Bishop went back in time to just before Xavier's death, he used Legion's own power to create a psionic loop which forced him to see the damage he had caused by accidentally killing his father. The energy released in doing this was so intense that only one of them could survive, and thus Legion seemingly passed away. Since Bishop had thus prevented Legion from killing Xavier, the X-Men's normal timeline was safe.[21]

Return of Legion

After Bishop's attack, Legion disappeared into somewhere called the "no-time." Here David encountered and absorbed psyches of many others, and splintered many more times to create hundreds of new personas. Eventually David was able to bring himself back to Earth near Westcliffe, Colorado. Here David met Marci Sabol. She helped David, gave him water and played some games with him. Unfortunately, one of Legion's other personalities wanted to play with her, murdered her and absorbed her psyche into Legion's mind where she became trapped.[22]

After embarking on a mission to investigate a report of mutant activity in Colorado, Danielle Moonstar and Karma went missing. Karma attempted to reach out psychically for Marci and ended up trapped in Legion's mind. Meanwhile, Moonstar was arrested.[23] Upon learning of his former teammates' disappearance, Cannonball received permission to form a team to investigate, consisting of Sunspot, Magik, and Magma. Cannonball and Sunspot found Karma's unconscious body in a backroom at a bar. Meanwhile, Magik and Magma found Karma's mind inhabiting Legion's body inside a metal box contained in the cellar of a private residence.[24]

While the rest of the team was battling Legion's body and numerous evil personas, Magik entered Legion's mind and killed Jack Wayne with her Soulsword. After finding Karma, Marci brought the girls to the cell holding David. The four then gained possession of the Moira doll to gain gain control of David's body. Before leaving David's body, however, Karma used Magik's Soulsword to kill the persona who murdered Marci. Emma Frost and Cyclops arrived soon afterward to help transport Legion, and clean the minds of the civilians.[24]

Once on Utopia, the X-Club along with Rogue and Danger, began repairing David's mind by cataloging and trapping the other personalities one by one.

Legion joins the X-Men

During Bastion's attacks on the X-Men, Cyclops asked Professor X to recruit Legion for the battle. Professor X reluctantly agreed and Legion was able to use his various powers fighting Nimrod Sentinels along side the other X-Men.[25]

Not long afterwards, Doctor Nemesis began killing off Legion's sub-personalities. There was no apparent problems, so the work continued.[26] However, unbeknownst to Nemesis, Legion's mind had created a powerful new persona to protect David's mind.[27] This new personality used it's reality-warping powers to create a new universe where David was a beloved hero.[27] The reality fell apart, and Legion eventually had to reabsorb the new persona and return reality to its proper form.[28]

Lost Legion

Despite returning reality to its proper form, several of David's personas escaped with corporeal bodies. With a small team of X-Men, Legion began to hunt down and reabsorb all of these rogue personas, but while absorbing the last one he accidentally absorbed Rogue. After releasing her, he suffered a massive shock to his nervous system.[29]

Quest for Control

David recovered from his catatonic state at some point and was seen on the shores of Ibiza, Spain together with his father. He suffered intense pain - just as many other psychics did - as the Phoenix arrived to choose its host.[30]

After waking up, Professor Xavier sent Legion away to a commune for spiritualists in the Himalayas. Studying under a guru, Merzah the Mystic, David gained a far greater level of control over his powers and split personalities. At one point David expressed his suspicion and anger about his feeling that his father acutely abandoned him for being a liability, but was told by Merzah that "Professor X doesn't fail the people he loves" and while David is thinking about that, one of the sub-personas managed to take control for a short time before being subdued by Merzah.[31]

Later David expressed his need for a goal to focus on and Merzah showed him the protester who opposed the members of the commune due to their differences. With the help of Merzah, David used his powers to give the protester two choices: Either forget and forgive their strangeness and greet them as equals (and use his powers to show them they can be very grateful to their friend) and the second choice being that they keep hating, fearing them, wallow in their ignorance and persecute them and they will find that they can provide plentiful grounds for their terror, if provoked. David was surprised to see that the protester chose to bow down and worship him and asked them to go home. After that David was asked by Merzah what would he do if they chose the second choice. Before he can answer, David was hit by a mental shock wave due his father's death and lost control of his powers and accidentally destroyed the commune. All the evil imprisoned personalities were freed and a new personality emerged and killed one of the other personalities, so it would have less competition.[31]

One by one, the evil personalities took control of David's body and start to wreck havoc whereever they go. David took the chance to hide, which restored his control over his body. While having a peaceful moment, David is attacked by the People's Liberation Equality-Ops and from talking to an unseen entity, discovered that he is in China. The unseen entity used the body of a dead goat to build itself a body and help David.[32]

However, one of the splinter personalities that called itself Tyrannix the Abominoid gets close to David inside his mind. The stranger starts to insult David's father and kill some of the People Liberation Equality-Ops which made David angry. David used his anger to defeat Tyrannix, drain him and use his power to knockout the people liberation equality-ops. He read the mind of the stranger and found it full of hate for him, his father and mutants in general. David also found out that there are two mutant twins in-need of help and decides to help them. After returning Tyrannix to his cell, David tells him that the gift of telepathy, which the splinter personality controlled, is his, and from now on, he will take it from him whenever he choses.[32]

After four days, David reached Japan where the twins are and psi-scans to look for any mutant mind. He found a faint trace and followed it, only to discover it was a trap, an astral projection in the form of a giant raven attacks him and knocked him out. Once awake, David find out that the twins, Karasu-Tengu and Sojobo-Tengu are not captive but the heirs of one of Logan's enemies, Ogun and someone called their clan of yakuza and told them that Legion is coming to destroy their clan. David watched as the twins are forced to rip the soul of someone who insulted their father, even though they didn't want to and felt bad after doing it. The twins were given new orders find out who sent David, why and then kill him.[33]

While the twin do their work, David used his telepathy to protect himself from their telepathic probe and asked them if they like what they do. The twins denied any joy in doing what they do, as they feel bad at what they do and find it to be revolting. David again asked them why would they do it if they don't like doing it. The twins told him that he wouldn't understand as he is a gaijin and his people have no respect for those who came before, no obligation to history and no debt to their forbears. David answered that he might understand as he is trying to embrace his father's legacy. Inside his mind, David had been trying to find a persona to defeat and drain, while in the real world, David tried to tell the twins about his father's dream and that he is dead now and used to look after people like them. The twins asked him in what way his father looked after him, which reminded David of the time his father was worried about being late for the U.N and told Moira to anesthetize David until he returned. David tried to convince them that they are too young for the life of crime and violence and whatever debt they owned their adopted father, this is no life for children. The twins counter him by asking him what alternative his father would offer. This reminded David of the danger room and the fact his father used to put children in it. David was confused at the start but then he told them that just because their father had done two things right, doesn't mean he was infallible, doesn't mean they have to do things the same way and it all right to try and be different and better.[33]

David's speech gave David himself self-belief as he reflected on his father too. David newly gained self-belief allowed him to be mentally stronger and overcome one of the four personas he failed to drain early and use it's power to free himself. David breaks free and tell the twins he will not fight them. He tells them that thanks to them, he learned that his father is not perfect just because he is dead now and empty things are not worth inheriting. David tells them that he wants to help them if they will let him. He continues that he is doing it not because of his father or his father's dream, but because they had a messed up life and its time someone fixed it. David admitted to the twins that he himself is a mess and his feelings for his father mixed between love and hate. All he knows is that, they should have childhood, a choice, that genes don't decide their way of life and nobody should be forced to fight if they didn't want to. David asks the twins to accompany him in his journey and they accepted. However, the X-Men arrived after getting a false information, that David was going to hurt the twins, from the same entity David encountered. The X-Men demanded Legion turn the twins over to them.[33]

David, who wasn't happy with being called by his code name, believed that the X-Men are putting the mutant children in danger and are not fit to take care of them as they don't do real good in the world. If they were, they wouldn't need to teach the children how to fight. Things got bad when David expressed his opinion about his father's method of fulfilling his dream, which he believed to be wrong. David had access only to his telepathy and knowing that the X-Men had training and mental shield against telepathy, he had to take them off guard. David bluffed about his powers and what he would do with it and had his first chance with Wolverine, who he put his mind on a stand by, and warned the others not to mess with him. The X-men, However tried to stop him, but with the help of the twins, he managed to defeat them until Blindfold stepped in. Ruth introduced herself to David as his nemesis and used her telepathy cut him off from his powers. The new Persona angrily attacked Ruth telling her to get out. David and the twins hid in the ammo hut and Chamber, who was angry at Legion, fired at the hut causing the hut to explode. However, David, seeing that the twins needed him, gave him a massive ego boost, manages to defeat a sub-persona and use it's power to save them and apparently perishing while doing so. David was, in fact, alive and watched as the X-Men took the twins. David also noticed the pair of eyes that belonged to one of the twins.[34]

For a week, David tried to contact his mother but didn't know what to say for the first three times. Later he used his powers to locate and teleport Dire Wraiths to the front door of the Jean Grey School so he could infiltrate the school to find Blindfold and find out what attacked her in his mind. David also discovered her origin and when he reached her, he was pulled away by none other than Karasu, who revealed that her brother is acting strange. He is still her brother and he sent her to keep David in his place and deliver a message. After reading the message, David comes to realize that the "Eye-ball" was in fact the murderer brother of Blindfold, Luca and he killed Sojobo and possessed his corpse to infiltrate the school so he can kill his sister as she is the only one who could stop a great threat that will wipe out all mutants.[35]

David had enough of being a pawn and teleported and saved Ruth. David chases Luca around the school, but she had prepared for this. However, twice Luca's prediction didn't work and when Luca asked why, David angrily answered him, its because he is crazy. Karasu, not knowing that her brother was dead thought that David was trying to hurt her brother and tried to aid Luca. David was very angry at Luca and considered killing Karasu to end Luca, but the new persona taunted and told him that his father would be ashamed of him if he saw him like this, which caused David to lose his self-belief and allowed the sub-persona to take control and spank Karasu and tell Luca that he will be useful one day before David take control. David woke up to find the X-Men in front of him about to attack him, until Blindfold attacked Luca, forcing him to flee. Wolverine allowed Legion to leave, as he was trying to help, but offered him a place to stay so they could help him. David felt that he should tell him that the X-Men are endangering the children everyday while they should be doing good in the world. David decided he will go to the shadows and pull strings and make the world a better place, whether it wants to or not. He is through being lead around and they can't stop him walking away if they tried. But he simply refused and told Logan that he has places to be. While leaving, David encountered Karasu who expressed her hatred for him for what happened to her brother and wished that he die. When David reached the gate, he saw Ruth waiting for him and asked her what made her wake up, to which she answered that he called and warned him not to go deep in the darkness and be careful. While wondering what is it that he should be careful from, the new persona told him that the grand evil that Luca foresaw, the one that will wipe out mutantkind was none other than David himself and Blindfold was destined to kill him to stop it. David asked him how he come to know all of this and "Fiend" answered that he knows everything, revealing himself to be in the form of Charles Xavier and calls David "my son" which horrified David greatly.[36]

David Haller (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 21

Legion merged with his personalities.

David lives up to his word to make the world a better place by locating and framing the group that corrupted Luca with bringing the Dire Wraiths to earth to be arrested by S.W.O.R.D., all while getting closer to forming a romantic relationship with Blindfold.[37] Later he helped a new mutant whose power is to take credit for other people's work.[2]

While on a date with Blindfold, David took Ruth to the moon and told her about the new persona inside his mind and that all the other personalities are terrified of it. He also told her when it helped him, he saw a glimpse of the future and from that vision, he knows that Aarkus, after reading a book, will start killing all mutants, and they can stop him before he does that, by making sure that he doesn't wake up. Ruth disagreed, saying that they can't do this to someone who didn't do anything yet. David tells her that he will not become reactive like his father and reveals to her that he already made sure Aarkus won't wake up five hours ago. She tells him that she knows that he needed her approval to gain enough strength and self-belief to drain a persona in order to gain the power he needed. Ruth was disappointed and asked David to send her home. David tried to justify what he did, but Blindfold asked again to be returned home. David sent her and Aarkus back and told her to tell the X-Men to do what they can do to help him and told Ruth that he thought he loved her. After that, David started to read the book Luca wrote about the vision he saw about the future.[38]

Power Grid [54]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills*
* Heightened stats represent potential abilities


Quote1 I'll simplify: Legion is an omega level mutant who, when whole, can bend time to his will. Causing a spontaneous mutation is most likely well within his capabilities. Whether he's conscious of it or not. Quote2
--Doctor Nemesis[src]
David Haller (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 3 14 0001

One of the various representation of Legion's mindspace

Legion is an omega level mutant[39][40][41][25][42] with the ability to create spontaneous mutations with varying attributes. Due to either his immense powers, mental instability or combination of the two, David creates a new persona (or sub-personality) to govern each one of these new mutations. Rogue stated that while she was inside Legion, during Lost Legion story, she was connected to thousands types of powers and there are more "being born" all the time.

See here the list of Legion's personas. David's known personas/power combinations include:

  • Jemail Karami (Personality 002): A terrorist leader who once tried to restructure David's fractured personality in his own image. He possesses telepathy. Jemail was once a real man, but died near David and thereby became the first psyche David absorbed.
  • Cyndi (Personality 004): A temperamental, rebellious girl with pyrokinesis. She had a crush on Cypher.[45]
  • The Legion (Personality 005): He is self described as "real me" and by Magik as a "God-Mutant". He is able to warp-reality to his will and time manipulation. Using these powers he created the Age of Apocalypse and eliminated the Elder Gods.
  • Sally (Personality 067): She is an obese, lonely woman with Hulk-like super strength and increased muscle mass.[43][46]
  • Time-Sink (Personality 227): One of the sub-personalities who escape from Legion's consciousness after the Age of X.[47] He was apprehended and reabsorbed by Legion with help from the X-Men.[44] He can manipulate time.
File:David Haller (Earth-616) showing other sub personalities 001.jpg
  • (Personality 302): Little is known about this persona, but Legion used this persona's rapid punching powers while battling Time-Sink.[44] Later, in London, Rogue borrowed this power to subdue Magneto.[46]
  • Styx (Personality 666): Styx power is to use a touch of death to absorb the spirits' of his victims. After absorbing a spirit, Styx can continue to control the victims body.[44][48] He was the ring leader of the sub-personalities to escape from Legion's consciousness after the Age of X.[47] After parting ways, Styx set his headquarters in the catacombs beneath Paris. To lure Legion to him, Styx kidnapped Professor X, but left a lily (his calling card) and coordinates to locate him.[49]
  • (Personality 749): Little is known, but Legion used this persona's electrical discharge powers while battle Time-Sink.[44]
  • (Personality 898): He is a centaur.[40]
  • (Personality 993): Little is known about this persona, but in London, Legion used this persona's power to emitted gaseous material at high speeds powers while battling Magneto. It was also one of the powers Rogue siphoned from him.[46]
  • Delphic (Personality 1012): She is a blue skinned seemingly omniscient seer willing to answer three questions to supplicants. She also gives off what appears to be electric discharges.[47]
  • "Absence" (Personality ???): Absence is an alien/demon creature who claims to have traveled through realities and stars. Absence's power is to siphon off heat and love.[39]
  • Bleeding Image (Personality ???): A living voodoo doll. He blew himself up with a bomb and nearly killed Rogue in the process.[48] One the sub-personalities to escape from Legion's consciousness after the Age of X.[47]
  • Chain (Personality ???): He is a human virus, turning anyone he touches into a copy of himself with a new weapon. The only way to stop him and revert his victims is to capture the 1(A) iteration.[46] He is one the sub-personalities to escape from Legion's consciousness after the Age of X.[47] He found taking over London with Susan in Sunshine, but was stopped by the X-Men.[46]
  • "Charles Xavier" (Personality ???): This new persona, at first dubbed "Fiend" emerged due to the mental shock of Professor X's death. He has the form of a yellow little goblin-like creature with unknown power and later takes the form of Charles Xavier. He controls the Precognitive power of of David. Once he emerged, Fiend, killed Ksenia Nadejda Panov and devoured her so he would have less competition. Then spend most of the time stalking David in his mind, but didn't make any move against him. He has the habit of hissing while watching David. When Blindfold telepathically entered David mind and restrained David and the other sub-persona, "Fiend", who was unaffected, angrily told her to get out while slashing her throat which caused her a psychic-trauma. Later when David was chasing Luca, who killed and possessed Sojobo, and was about to kill both him and Karasu, "Fiend" taunted and told him that his father would be ashamed of him if he saw him like this which caused David to lose his self-belief and allowed "Fiend" to take control and spank Karasu and tell Luca that he will be useful one day before David retakes control. Later he tell David that the grand evil that Luca foresaw, the one that will wipe out mutantkind was non other than David himself and Blindfold was destined to kill him to stop it and call David a disappointment. David asked him how he come to know all of this and "Fiend" answered that he knows everything, he then reveals himself to be in the form of Charles Xavier himself and call David my son. Later, "Xavier" helped David when he was attacked by an unknown entity and fought the entity in a way David wasn't able to and promised that all will be revealed. David reveal to Ruth in their date that it's not just him who afraid of this persona, but all of the other persona are terrified of him. The reason of that is revealed when David went to make a deal with him and told him that he know that he was killing and swallowing the other personalities and their powers. "Xavier" didn't deny it and told David that he know why he came to him and it was to know if Luca prediction of him wiping out the mutantkind is true. "Xavier" confirmed it to be true and knew that David wanted to know for himself and that was why he came to him. "Xavier" told David that he will allow him to use his power in exchange for one minute of control of David body in a time of his own choosing. David accepted and used his power. After that "Xavier" paid farewell to David.
  • Chronodon (Personality ???): He is a large dinosaur with a clock for a face. David attempted unsuccessfully to capture him and use his powers to break free from the Yamaugichi-Kai Clan.[33] His powers are undefined, but based on his name and appearance his powers are based on time manipulation.
  • The Clown (Personality ???): He is a surly looking circus clown that can blast a light-energy from his mouth.[23] He was killed by Magik with her Soulsword during her attempt to rescue Karma.[43] However he was proved to be still alive later.[44]
  • Compass Rose (Personality ???): Can locate any person and teleport to them. Rogue used this power to find Rachel Grey and the others.[50]
  • Drexel (Personality ???): He seems to be a foul-mouthed, simpleton with super strength.[23] He was killed by Magik with her Soulsword during her attempt to rescue Karma.[43]
  • Endgame (Personality ???): An armor who can counter any attack executed against it.[50] One of the sub-personalities to escape from Legion's consciousness after the Age of X.[47]
  • Hugh Davidson (Personality ???): He is a stereotypical prepster with a long prehensile tongue.[43]
  • Hypnobloke (Personality ???): A strange gentlemen with flashing swirls for eyes in a top hat and carrying a pocket watch, his powers are that of hypnotic suggestion.
  • Kirbax the Kraklar (Personality ???): A demonic creature with the ability of flight and electricity generation. After Legion lost control of his powers, Kirkbax briefly took control over his body and flew from the Indian Himalayas to China until another sub-personality took over.[32]
  • Ksenia Nadejda Panov (Personality ???): Moscow heiress, discus champion, expoerter of caviar, torturer of puppies. She has the ability to generate ionic scalpels from her fingers. She briefly gained control of Legion's body, but was restrained by Merzah the Mystic long enough to allow Legion to reclaim his body. She was later killed by another sub-personality.[31]
  • K-Zek the Conduit (Personality ???): He appears to be an android with the ability of wireless energy transfer (or WET) and electrical absorption. David used this power to defeat Storm.[34]
  • Marci Sabol (Personality ???): A little girl and the first person to meet David after his return. She helped David, but was killed by another personality. She then became trapped within David's mind. Her parents were later killed by another of Legion's personalities. She is a human with no mutant powers.[22]
  • Max Kelvin (Personality ???): Max Kelvin has the appearance of an crotchety old man. His eyes protrude when he uses his powers of plasmatic flame generation. Legion managed to defeat him in his mind and used his powers to break free from the Yamaugichi-Kai Clan.[33]
  • Moira/X (Personality ???): Created to protect Legion's mind from Doctor Nemesis' meddling. She was able to best Professor X in psychic battle and warp reality. She single-handily created the Age of X where David would be seen as a hero and placed herself as the "mother" of David.
  • Mycolojester (Personality ???): A plant like entity with the attire of a jester, has the mutant power to emit toxic spores from the skin pores on his body which acts as a powerful nerve gas. It's effects can be dissipated however by water.[36]
  • Non-Newtonian Annie (Personality ???): She is a skinny purple women dressed in pink clothes. She has the power to be cloaked in a zero-tainullskin that deflects any attack and according to the law of the conversation of energy, kinetic energy is redirected. David used this power to defeat Frenzy. Karasu and Sojobo describe her as a slippery one.[34]
  • The Origamist (Personality ???): The Origamist is a sumo wrestler and reality-changer with space-folding powers. He is one of the most powerful sub-personalities in Legion's mind. During the jailbreak inside Legion's mind, he attempted to overpower the Origamist, but initially failed.[33] Later however, Legion manages to defeat him and use his powers.[34]
  • Protozoan Porter (Personality ???): a strange looking near octopoid like personality with physiological resemblances akin to that of a leech. has the ability to teleport by disassembling into multiple little bits of ameboid like particles then reassembling them at a given destination.[51]
  • Pukatus Jr. (Personality ???): He is a small cherub-like demon which can vomit an acidic substance. David attempted unsuccessfully to capture him and use his powers to break free from the Yamaugichi-Kai Clan.[33]
  • Skinsmith (Personality ???): He can create skin to cover individuals. However, the skin appears to peel off. David used this power to defeat Chamber.[34]
  • Susan in Sunshine (Personality ???): One the sub-personalities to escape from Legion's consciousness after the Age of X.[47] Susan amplifies emotions of those around her, and then turns those emotions into raw energy. She can only be stop by being teased.
  • Tyrannix the Abominoid (Personality ???): A Cthulu-like creature with the power of telepathy and astral projection.[31] He pursued Legion inside the maze of his mind in an attempt to take control of his body while Legion lost control of his personalities. Legion overpowers him however, and takes his powers of telepathy for himself.[32] Legion now wears him as a backpack and accesses his powers frequently.[52]
  • Other unnamed personalities:
    • unknown (Personality ???): Little is known about this persona, but this persona can enlarge itself to an undetermined size. This was the first power Legion utilized with the Neural Switchboard Wristband.[53]
    • unknown (Personality ???): Little is known about this persona, but this persona is able to teleportation itself and others by unknown means and with unknown limits. Legion used this ability in London to help himself and the X-Men escape Chain's army.[46]
    • unknown (Personality ???): Little is known about this persona, but it appears capable of mass mind control though on smaller scale with possible only a few yards range or a limit of three to five victims. The limits of this power have not been tested. Legion used this ability in London while battling Chain's army.[46]
    • "3554" (Personality ???): He is an African-American marathon runner with super-speed.[39] Legion used his or a similar persona/power to attack the 1(A) iteration of Chain in London.[46]
    • "Clnk" (Personality ???): He appears to be an android with the ability of make mobile telephone calls. David used this power to contact his mother in London. While using this power, David hair becomes shaped like a satellite dish and his hand morphs into a mobile phone.[35]
    • "The Cowboy" (Personality ???): He has the ability to create psionic guns and fire psionic bullets. After Legion lost control of his powers, "the Cowboy" briefly took control over his body in China until another sub-personality took over.[32]
    • "The Nazi Doctor" (Personality ???): He is a blond, monocled Nazi doctor with a thick German accent, and appears to disrupt/negate mutant power by touch.[39]
    • "Oxy" (Personality ???): Able to create an oxygen bubble around himself and others. David used to this power to sustain himself and Blindfold while on the Moon.[38]
    • "Small purple good one" (Personality ???): He is a small bald purple humanoid with black eyes. He claims to have been trapped in Legion's mind like Jemail Karami and Marci Sabol. He appears to have the power of geokinesis and can use it over a wide distance. Although he claims to be a "good one" and to hate killing, he almost murdered Moonstar.[43]
    • "Specs" (Personality ???): He is a nervous young man with large glasses and the ability to see through solid objects. He seems to be very practical, and have a romantic interest in Magma.[39]
    • "Spike" (Personality ???): He is an African-American with the power to turn his limbs into spikes. He is responsible for murdering Mel and Brett Sabol (Marci's parents).
    • "Stutter" (Personality ???): He is a young man with a stutter along with both emotional and physical deformities. His power is self-propelled flight.[23]
    • "Vampire" (Personality ???): He appears as a classical and cliché 19th century vampire. He was killed by Magik with her Soulsword during her attempt to rescue Karma.[39]
    • "The White Witchdoctor" (Personality ???): He is a white man dress as a witchdoctor. He was the sub-personality that killed Marci Sabol. He was in turned killed by Karma with Magik's Soulsword.[40] Although not confirmed, his power is possibly psyche absorption by which he absorbs the astral forms of anyone who dies around him. This power is how individuals such as Marci Sabol and Jemail Karami became trapped in Legion's mind.
    • "The Wolfman" (Personality ???): He is an older man wearing a dhoti and handcuffs with self-healing and lycanthropy powers.[39]
    • "unknown" (Personality ???): An unseen personality with the ability Legion calls Astral Harpoon Projection which seems not to leave any physical repercussions but leaves it's victims in a cataleptic & convulsive state, as if hit with a surge of lightning.[36]

Originally, all of Legion's powers were psychically based, but since his resurrection Legion has also manifested physical mutations. Also, since his return, Legion's mind is shown as being inhabited by thousands of sub-personalities.

Some of Legion's persona's are in fact individual psyche absorbed by Legion upon their deaths (i.e. Marci Sabol and Jemail Karami), but many more are creations of Legion's own mind.

It is likely that after a sub-personality is killed or reabsorbed that Legion retains their powers, though this has not been confirmed.

However, killed personas were seen alive after their apparent death, such as The Clown and Jack Wayne.[44]


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Strength level

  • Legion possessed the normal human strength of a young man of his age, height, and build, who engaged in no exercise for half his life, but thereafter began to engage in moderate regular exercise.


  • His multiple personalities are often unruly and fight inside his mind, which caused further damage to his fractured mental state.


  • Legion gets his name from a Biblical tale. According to the Bible, Jesus met a man who was possessed by several demons. When Jesus asked the man his name, he replied " My name is Legion, for we are many".
  • David himself has stated that he dislikes being called Legion and wish the others would stop calling him that.[32]
  • Legion's other splinter personalities could each control other psionic powers. Perhaps these powers died when these splinter personalities were absorbed into David's core personality.

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