David Kalen and his brother Henry were originally environmental consultants who were exposed to toxic sludge while investigating the actions of corrupt businessman Mr. Sanders near Greenlawn in Huntington, New York.

Although Henry was killed in the accident, David was somehow mutated into the monstrous DK, capable of decaying matter merely by touching it. He was talked out of killing Sanders by Spider-Man, who convinced him to go to the Ravencroft Institute for help.[1]

As time went on; however, David became increasingly dangerous due to his survivor's guilt over his brother's death, to the extent that his power began to turn inwards, whether consciously or subconsciously was never clarified, and he began to destroy himself. Despite the efforts of Peter Parker, now Spider-Man once again after Ben's death, Kalen eventually destroyed himself, breaking out of Ravencroft to thank Spider-Man one last time for believing in him.

Even after death; however, he left a legacy behind him; when the currently-rejuvenated Vulture attacked Spider-Man as part of his attempt to kill everyone who knew him as an old man, the sludge that had been Kalen reached up to attack the Vulture, apparently undoing the rejuvenation process and leaving the Vulture an old man once more.[2]


As DK, David Kalen possessed superhuman strength and the ability to dissolve matter with a touch.

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