Dr. David Kurata was one of the best transplant surgeons in the Tri-State area, until the night he came in contact with Kilgrave. After having a bus crush him, Kilgrave went to Dr. Kurata with Jack Denton, the ambulance driver that picked Kilgrave up at the scene. Dr. Kurata revealed to Kilgrave that he had a crushed kidney, while the other kidney was on the verge of failure. The closest viable candidate for a kidney transplant at the time was Jack Denton, but Kilgrave didn't just want one of his kidneys to be restored. He wanted both of Jack's kidneys. Using his mind-control powers, Kilgrave forced Dr. Kurata to perform the transplant. During the operation, Kilgrave refused to be put under and remained conscious throughout everything.

Kilgrave's health was restored, while Dr. Kurata lost his job and Jack went into shock and had to return home to be taken care of by his mother. Dr. Kurata donated a dialysis machine to the Denton's to help Jack survive. Dr. Kurata later became a biology teacher.

Approximately one year after the bus crash, Dr. Kurata was teaching a class when Jessica Jones, whom he recognized from a picture Kilgrave had, sat in the class. This caught Dr. Kurata off guard, and he bolted out of the class, mid-lecture. Jones eventually caught up to Dr. Kurata and explained that she wasn't a threat. Dr. Kurata detailed the events of Kilgrave's procedure which made her realize that knocking Kilgrave unconscious was his weakness. Jessica put Dr. Kurata on the phone with Jeryn Hogarth, an attorney. Dr. Kurata was unwilling to talk at first, afraid he'll lose his mind, but he eventually gave in and detailed everything to Hogarth.[1]

Dr. Kurata later quit his job and moved to New Delhi, India.[2]



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