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David Larnum was a musician who was active in the 1940s. He worked with musicians such as pianist Ludwig Borsch, violinist Leo Briggs, and musical couple Jim and Luella Clegget. They all worked together on a song called "Death in Venice". However, David was lost at sea in a shipwreck and found himself trapped on a deserted island for a number of years. Through unknown means, Larnum managed to return to the mainland many years later and was angry to learn that his former colleagues made "Death in Venice" famous and launched their own careers.

Taking on the disguise of the Phantom Trubador, Larnum organized a gang and plotted to kill each person involved in the creation of "Death in Venice". His first victim was Ludwig Borsch who at the time was throwing a yacht party. The Trubador shot Borsch dead with a gun attracting the attention of the Sub-Mariner and Namora. The two failed to nab the Phantom Trubador when the villain tossed an explosive filled guitar at them and escaped in a motorboat.

Larnum next targeted Leo Briggs, who was now an orchestra conductor at a riverside ampitheatre. He succeeded in shooting Briggs dead as well, however the Sub-Mariner and Namora had made his connection to the other musicians, but once more failed to nab him when the killer creased Namor's brow with a bullet and fled. He next rushed to the home of Jim and Luella Clegget and confronted them at their home. They deduced his identity, but before he could kill them as well the Sub-Mariner and Namora crashed in. The Phantom Trubador and his gang were easily defeated and turned over to the authorities.[1]

Subsequent activities of the Phantom Trubador are unrecorded at this time.

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The Trubador primarily used a pistol as his primary weapon, however at one point he carried a guitar filled with explosives.

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