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David Letterman is a comedian and late-night talk show host. Like all real-life individuals who appear on Earth-616, the appearances of David Letterman taking place during the modern age of this reality should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.

Apocryphal Appearances[]

When the agent of Simon Williams (AKA the Avengers reserve member Wonder Man) got him a booking on Letterman's show Late Show with David Letterman, it was on the condition that he brought along other Avengers with him. Despite the main team of Avengers being busy on a mission, Simon (with help from teammate Vision) did manage to assemble a last-minute group of Avengers who were available at the time: Black Panther, Beast, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Shorty after the heroes arrived for the taping of Late Night, things got out of hand. In the middle of the interview, various deadly high-tech machines start attacking the stage. The Avengers sprang into action, and in the confusion, Fabian Stankiewicz, the man behind the attack, sat down right next to Letterman, and began explaining how he intended to use his inventions to finally succeed in destroying his old foes: the Avengers. Letterman, trapped in a forcefield with the villain, was forced to play along, and managed to make the whole thing seem like one big gag so as to prevent the audience from going into a panic. After hearing Fabian brag that the whole thing is powered by a single power source on his belt, Letterman quickly sprang into action and hit him in the head with an oversized novelty doorknob. With the villain momentarily stunned, Letterman took away the power source and turned it off, allowing the Avengers to easily destroy Fabian's creations. In the end, the oblivious audience absolutely loved the "act", and the heroes (including Letterman) are given generous amounts of applause. [1]





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