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After his son was killed,[2] Microchip began working with the Punisher. But after working together for ten years,[3] Microchip was presumed dead after having a falling out with his once friend and partner. However, he was later revealed to be still alive and aiding a CIA black ops unit in hunting the Punisher down for assistance in finding and eliminating terrorists, such as Osama bin Laden. But Castle adamantly declined, as he prefered his autonomy to indentured service to an institution such as the government.

Microchip later confessed to Castle that the source of funding for the operation came from the CIA funneling arms and heroin out of Afghanistan. Castle gave Micro a chance he had not given his victims since before he officially assumed the role of the Punisher: the chance to run. Microchip declined, obligated to help Castle in a CIA/Mafia firefight and was mortally wounded. Frank Castle killed Micro with a shotgun blast to the head.[4]



Seemingly those of David Lieberman of Earth-616.


  • Micro says that he worked with Punisher for ten years in the second chapter of In The Beginning, but it's not exactly known what years their partnership took place, other than being long before 2004 (the year in which In The Beginning takes place).
  • Earth-200111's Micro joined the Punisher because his son was killed.[2] His Earth-616 counterpart, on the other hand, was already working for Castle before his son was killed. Despite this, the MAX story is also considered mostly canonical to Earth-616; for that version, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe sticks with the 616 story of how Micro joined the Punisher.

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