David was the mutant son of business magnate C.L. Montgomery, his precognitive powers (which he often expressed through drawings) being the reason for his father's success.

When Curtis Boland, a vengeful former employee of Mr. Montgomery, threatened to expose David's mutant status to the world to ruin his father, Montgomery hired Deadpool to eliminate Boland. Deadpool accepted the job, though the influence of the Black Swan meant he was in no fit shape to do it. Along the way, Deadpool and David bonded over the fact that they both had hideous faces.

Deadpool eventually succeeded in killing Boland (by tying his shoelaces together while he was distracted, then kicking him out a window), and as a parting gift, David gave Deadpool a drawing of his latest prediction: Deadpool himself being killed by a black swan.

It is unknown if David retained his powers after the effects of M-Day.[1]


Precognition: David had the power of precognition that he expressed through drawings he created.


David had a hideously-mutated face.

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