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David Munroe was the father of Ororo Munroe, the woman who would become a member of the X-Men and be queen of Wakanda. David was born in America, where he met his wife N'Daré who had carried the ancestry of the Wind Rider. When Ororo was young the couple moved to Cairo, where David worked as a photographic journalist. When Ororo was six he and N'Dare were killed when a bomber plane was shot down and crashed into their house.[2]

Many years later, when Ororo was an adult and a superhero known as Storm, her parents were resurrected by the dark god Uovu in an attempt to sway her to his side during the time when Ororo visited her old village, Uzuri.[3] During their reunion, both David and N'Daré expressed delight for the life their daughter lived. When Ororo discovered that Uovu kept the bodies of the villages his worshippers killed stored in a secret catacomb and he confronted him about it, he reanimated the bodies under his command. He additionally took possession of Ororo's parents.[4] Following Uovu's destruction, the undead were freed from his control and vanished afterwards. Before turning to dust, Ororo's parents managed to leave her with words of comfort.[5]


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