Back in his home country, he used to be a math teacher for his village and wanted to teach his students about what life is like beyond the village. Even during the Symkarian Civil War and when people began evacuating the village, his students still came to school. One morning when school started, nine soldiers broke into the school, armed with automatic rifles and wanted names. However, David wouldn't give into their demands. As their patience worn thin, they raised their guns to shoot David. Silver Sable came in and saved not only David's life, but the lives of his students, as well. Having been rescued by Sable, he began to work for Sable International since he owed her for saving his life. However, during the war in Symkaria, he resigned from Sable International to help deliver the humanitarian supplies to the refugees in Symkaria. When he resigned from Sable International, the work visa he had became invalid, which put him at high risk of being deported if someone were to check his ID. When he arrived in New York, Hammerhead's crew stole all of the supplies from the truck he was driving and attacked him. However, Spider-Man fought off the thugs and saved David. Later, Black Cat gave Spider-Man one of the last data drives that has all of the information on Hammerhead and when Spider-Man found out that there were locations of where the humanitarian supplies are, he went to each Olympus Hideout to recover the humanitarian supplies for David. While fighting the thugs that were guarding the caches in one of the Hideouts, Spider-Man called Mary Jane Watson to help him with helping David get a work visa. When Spider-Man gave the locations of each cache to David, David recovered them and drove them to the Symkarian Embassy. However, on his way to the embassy, he was followed by Hammerhead's crew and they began to open fire on him. Luckily, Spider-Man arrived and the two of them worked together and took down Hammerhead's crew. After holding off Hammerhead's crew, David revealed that he recieved a phone call from a school in Midtown and that they offered him a work visa if he accepted a teaching position. Spider-Man then tells David that he was the one who pulled a few strings to help him, saying "Good things happen to good people." Feeling so grateful, David thanked Spider-Man for everthing, but Spider-Man said that he's the one who should be thanking David because everything that he did for David was a reminder of why Spider-Man will always love New York City. After saying their goodbyes, David drives away with the supplies to take them to the Symkarian Embassy.


David is a humble man who cares about helping and teaching people. He is also shown to be very brave and an excellent judge of character when he revealed that Silver Sable is not all that bad. He is also very smart and really passionate about teaching because back home when he was a math teacher, he also wanted to teach his students the many amazing things that happen beyond their village.


Symkarian Embassy truck


Sable International automatic rifle

Although it says he had citizenship from Symkaria, he could possibly be from Nigeria considering his accent and since the origin of his surname is Nigerian. He could also be from Wakanda.

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