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Little is known of Davis Lawfers' history before he joined a group of snake-themed villains organized by the terrorist the Viper to infiltrate the criminal organization known as the Serpent Society so she could take it over. Along with Black Racer, Puff Adder, and Fer-de-Lance, Copperhead took part in a series of robberies of casinos in Las Vegas. Copperhead was apparently the field leader of this group. Although the group battled and were captured by Captain America (then known as The Captain) and his allies, their mission achieved its objective when they were sprung from jail by the Serpent Society's leader Sidewinder and offered membership.[citation needed]

When the Viper attacked the Society's Serpent Citadel, Copperhead battled the Society, and then The Captain and his allies again. Copperhead briefly remained with the group when its leadership was taken over by King Cobra for some time before quietly disappearing from the ranks of the Society.[citation needed]

Later, Copperhead was one of a group of Serpents who were defeated by Nova when they took a group of hostages in Ohio during the Skrull invasion of Earth.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities

Physical Strength

Normal human strength.



Copperhead wears a suit of armor that is equipped with weaponry and affords him some degree of protection from injury thanks to its micro-mesh chainmail. It also is equipped with a fang-like grappling hook, and suction cups that allow him to stick to walls to scale them.


Copperhead's armor is equipped with devices on his wrist that produces paralyzing electrical blasts.


Serpent Saucer


  • Not to be confused with the DC Comics villain Copperhead.

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