Dawn Burnside (Earth-928) 2099 Unlimited Vol 1 9 002

Dawn Burnside

Dawn was a wet engineer who hacked and snaked data from Hollowpoint for Alchemax. As soon as Jac, his boss and connection to Alchemax, was replaced, Dawn immediately became a wanted by the police force of Hollowpoint, the Leatherdogs. Having been cornered, Dawn used the new technology invented by her, where the blood was replaced by a kind of liquid metal, so that her body could become an highly adaptable armor. In her new capacity as Steel Rain, Dawn fought against the Leatherdogs and then hunted and killed the manager who had replaced and therefore killed Jac, Payne Northedge, and also a gang of criminals hired by Northedge and led by the cyborg Saint Carcrash[1].

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