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Dawn Revere grew up on Earth-5106, a world where rocket technology and space exploration bloomed in the 1950s. Her father was Bennett "Blast" Revere a famous rocket pilot who eventually became the chief of the Galaxy organization and commander of the Space Squadron. She and her old brother Edgar were raised alone by their father after her mother Wanda died of a broken heart. By the year 2000 Dawn was engaged to Space Squadron member Jet Dixon, however her father forbade them to marry as he did not want Dawn to suffer the same fate as her mother from the stress caused by Jet's career. Despite this, Dawn remained defiant and remained committed to Jet in the hopes that her father would one day change his mind and allow them to get married. Jet eventually was promoted to the ranks of field-commander of Space Squadron much to the chagrin of her brother Edgar.

Following Jet's promotion, he took Dawn to the planet Mercury to see the memorial of his great-grandfather John Dixon and told her the story of how he saved the Earth from destruction in 1955. After returning to Earth, Martians of the warrior VDBN tribe arrived on Earth to learn the ways of peace. However their leader Mxxptrm soon became violent toward Jet when he became jealous of his relationship with Dawn. Jet easily defeated Mxxptrm in combat but spared his life. Unable to cope with this act of mercy, Mxxptrm kidnapped Dawn, her father and the delegates of Galaxy who further convinced Mxxptrm and his people to give up their violent ways. Mxxptrm returned them to Earth and then accepted admission into the Space Squadron[1][2]. Later while Jet was on a mission to solve an explosion of anarchy on the planet Mercury, Dawn was present when her brother attempted to convince the other members of the Galaxy council to go to war against Mercury. Dawn and her father helped maintain calm among the council until Jet returned with his mission successful. Later while Jet was on a mission on Saturn battling the Octopus-Men, Dawn caught her brother Edgar trying to sabotage the Destasto-Ray device that was relaying distress call from Jet. She succeeded in stopping Edgar and calling in the assistance Jet needed to defeat the creatures. Later, Dawn and Jet once more petitioned Bennett to allow them to marry but were once more denied[3][4].

Shortly thereafter Dawn, her father, and the Galaxy council became prisoners of the interplanetary criminal known as Boz who subdued the entire federation with tentacles under his control. Attracted to Dawn, Boz also tried to force her to be his queen, but Boz was ultimately killed by Jet and the Space Squadron, freeing Dawn and the others in the process[5][6].

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