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Quote1 We're not just a scene, we're a family. And we have to stand together... because we will always stand apart. Quote2
-- Alison Blaire

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The Brooklyn punk scene has never been cooler with DAZZLER’s new band taking center stage. But while she’s trying to find herself and reconnect to the one thing she’s always loved, Dazzler stumbles upon a truly toxic part of the underground punk scene. When a new and violent gang threatens the young Inhuman fans that follow her from venue to venue, Dazzler may have to turn to her own past to provide some guidance -- and butt kicking.

Written by the Eisner-nominated Magdalene Visaggio, and drawn by the incredible Laura Braga, DAZZLER: X SONG is an energetic epic that you won’t want to miss.


  • The cover for this issue was originally solicited for Dazzler #43.

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