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Synopsis for ""In the Darkness a Light!""

Detecting Dazzler's boosted power following her involuntary absorption of the criminal Klaw, Galactus has her taken aboard his ship. There his drone tries to get her to work for him, however she attacks Galactus, firing the full force of the power she generated from Klaw's body.

Meanwhile on Earth, those closest to Dazzler wonder where she's been hiding for the last week. Harry Osgood and her band are disappointed that they had to cancel a big show because of her absence. Back aboard Galactus' ship, Galactus forgives Dazzler for attacking him, and explains to her his history of wayward heralds. Telling of his most recent herald, Terrax, who tried to enslave an entire planet but later hid in a black hole to escape the wrath of Galactus.

Unable to get at Terrax himself, Galactus bombards Dazzler with cosmic power, pushing her abilities to a cosmic level and sends her to battle his wayward herald in his place, her light powers being able to protect her through her passage through the black hole Terrax is hiding in.

Surviving the power boost, Dazzler is sent through the black hole where she meets Terrax, who naturally isn't going to go peacefully and attacks Dazzler at first sight.


  • Idea by DeFalco.
  • Letters (issue pages): Rosen pages 1-5, Chiang pages 7-31.

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