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Synopsis for ""...Lest Ye Be Judged!""

With her powers boosted to cosmic levels and sent into a black hole to retrieve the wayward herald of Galactus named Terrax. Dazzler finds herself easily overpowered by the herald, who has not only the power cosmic but the skill of a great warrior on his side. As the battle rages on, those who are part of Dazzler's life on Earth begin to worry about her absence and decide to check up on her.

While out in space, Dazzler manages to best Terrax and defeat him. Although intended to be left in the black hole, Dazzler is brought back by Galactus' drone, much to Galactus' surprise. After the battle, Dazzler convinces Galactus to not only set Terrax free, but send her home as well.

Rematerializing in her apartment, all those worried of her well-being see that she is all right. Leaving her to rest, Dazzler in her sleep expresses her love for Paul.


  • Idea by DeFalco.

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