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  • Sid Sterling




Synopsis for "Endless Hate"

After her long leave of absence, the only gig that Dazzler can score is being a song girl for a Clown Burger promotional show. Desperate for new work, she accepts a call from a potential employer who turns out to be the Techsmith, who is working out of a factory designing a device that works much like her mutant powers.

Locking Dazzler up in his office, Techsmith then kidnaps Harry Osgood in another attempt to kill him in revenge of his disfigurement. Dazzler gets free and battles the Techsmith, and during the fight Techsmith is knocked over a railing and is about to fall to his death, when he is saved by Osgood. Having saved his life, Techsmith tells Osgood that they are even and that he will not seek vengeance against him in the future.

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