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  • LaFarge

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Synopsis for "...Without Getting Killed or Caught...!"

With her band hired to be the opening act for Bruce Harris, Dazzler is excited at the opportunity of doing real shows again, and equally excited to be playing with someone with a reputation like Harris.

During the show, a sniper tries to kill somebody in the audience, which sends Blue Shield (who is watching the show) into action to catch the crook.

When the mobsters who hired the hitman believe that Alison's body guard Lancelot is Blue Shield, they have him and Dazzler and her band kidnapped. Taken to the mobster's base, they are all shocked to see that the She-Hulk is under their control. Freeing She-Hulk from their control, and with the help of Blue Shield, Dazzler ends up busting up the operation.

Later, back in her dressing room, Dazzler is approached by the show's promoter who wants Dazzler to be the headliner for the rest of the shows, much to Harris' chagrin.


  • Letters (story pages): Rosen pages 1-5, 7-9, Chiang pages 6, 10-21.

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