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Synopsis for "Black Magic Woman!"

Fired from her music tour, Dazzler puts on one last show and gives it her best for the benefit of her fans, not wanting Bruce Harris' machinations get her down. After the show she's surprised to find Kenneth Barnett waiting for her. The two decide to take some time off together and start a romance.

While on a flight back to the east coast, Alison is captured and transported to Asgard by the Enchantress, who wants revenge for her previous humiliation at Dazzler's hands. Forced into an arena match against the Asgardian, Dazzler is overwhelmed by the goddesses' magic until she utilizes all the noise in the stadium to her advantage. Her powers attract the attention of Odin who stops the battle demanding what is going on.

When Amora explains that she wants revenge for being proven the inferior musician, Odin has the two put on a contest before him to determine who is the better of the two. Dazzler once again wins the competition against the Enchantress. Afterwards, Odin returns her to Earth, and she appears in the airport, much to Kenneth's relief.

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