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Quote1.png The Sweet air of freedom is once again mine to breathe. It shall not be taken from me again! Quote2.png
Doctor Octopus

Appearing in "The Angel and the Octopus!"

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  • Offices of Harry S Osgood
  • Pacifica Studios



Synopsis for "The Angel and the Octopus!"

Their date ruined by muggers attacking, Dazzler has to use her powers to save Kenneth from the attack, the two decide to have another date some other time. Returning home she finds a letter from Jessica Drew informing her that there still aren't any clues to locating her mother. The next day Dazzler scores a gig recording at Pacifica Studio. While her grandmother attempts to talk her father Carter into telling the truth about her Dazzler's mother, something that Carter still cannot bring himself to do.

Dazzler soon finds herself being pursued by Warren Worthington III, aka the Angel, who has been infatuated with her since he met when they were manipulated by Moon Dragon into joining the Avengers he had developed a crush on her and wanted to ask her out on a date. She refuses, and gets angry at Worthington when he tries to butt in on a dinner date with Kenneth. After ending her date with Kenneth, Alison is then visited by Angel at her home.

Taken out for a flight, she finally gives in to a moment of passion, which leaves her confused. After a television appearance with her band, Alison is picked up by Worthington in his sports car. When Dr. Octopus breaks out of a prison truck in front of them, the two of them work together to stop the crook until he can be subdued and taken back into custody.

Afterwards, Angel apologizes for his actions, but all Alison wants is for him to get out, however before he departs he spies the letter from Jessica Drew and figures he can win Alison's heart by helping her find her mother. This is the least of Alison's worries, as the Absorbing Man has come to town, with Dazzler on his mind.

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