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Synopsis for "The Absorbing Man Wants You!"

Visiting with the Fantastic Four, Dazzler is given a new tape player that is more powerful than her Walkman which she previously used to generate sound for her powers. Elsewhere, Angel meets with Alison's grandmother in his quest to track down her mother, while Alison's father, Carter is despondent about his job. Also, the Absorbing Man is in town, having returned from a stay on Easter Island, hoping to absorb Dazzler's powers for his own criminal gain.

Playing a show at the Peppermint Lounge, Dazzler tries out her new device, but it proves too powerful for an entertainment performance, and she is forced to cancel her show. The Absorbing Man attacks soon after, and Dazzler attempts to subdue him using her light powers, using the tape player given to her by the Fantastic Four to provide the sound she needs to use her powers. However, the Absorbing Man has absorbed her light, turning into a giant light construct.

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