Quote1.png That man is many things... but he is most definitely not Carter Blaire. Quote2.png
-- Bella Blaire

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Synopsis for "Out of the Past!"

As Alison's father Carter falls deeper into his mental breakdown, and Angel continues to search for Ali's mother, Alison herself is (once again) attacked by a mugger. During the fight her mother's pin opens revealing it to be a locket, showing a picture of her father, and another man Alison has never seen before. Meanwhile, Alison's friend Vanessa Tooks finds a room filled with Dazzler memorabilia in her singing teacher Barbara London's apartment.

When Dazzler's bandmates are terrorized by their former bandmates, Dr. Sax and Johnny Guitar, Dazzler comes to their rescue. Meanwhile, Vanessa learns that Barbara is really Alison's mother.

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