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Alison Blaire

Appearing in "Alison Blaire, This Is Your Life!"

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Synopsis for "Alison Blaire, This Is Your Life!"

Finally coming to terms with her father, Dazzler learns the truth about her mother: How she used to be a musician who supported her father through law school. Growing apart, Katherine Blaire would be drawn to Nick Brown, and end up leaving her husband and Alison to live a life of excess and birth another daughter Lois.

Scoring a gig at Carnegie Hall, Dazzler preforms for a large audience, including her friends in the super-hero community, and her family members. After her performance, Dazzler is reunited with her mother.


  • In the letters page of Dazzler # 27 (July, 1983) it is mentioned that the model on the cover is June MacDonald and the photo was by Eliot Brown with touchups by Bob Larkin

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