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  • New York City
    • Alison Blaire's apartment
    • Warren Worthington's apartment



  • Sisterhood's helicopter

Synopsis for "The Sisterhood"

The Angel is flying high over New York City when he is attacked by hawks that have been trained to attack him. After giving them a chase about the city, the Angel gains the upper hand and incapacitates the birds, although not before they can deal him serious cuts.

Elsewhere in the city, Dazzler and Lance Steele are running late for a recording session with legendary record producer L.B. Holman. They get stuck in traffic, and after Dazzler secretly uses her mutant powers to prevent a girl from getting run over, they are recognized by a police officer who is a fan of Dazzler's work, and escorts them to the studio. There Alison and her band begin a lengthy recording session of their new album.

Meanwhile, the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants (comprised of Mystique, Destiny, and Rogue, who were the only members of the Brotherhood that were not arrested) who are plotting revenge against the X-Men for their previous defeat, and were responsible for their attack against Angel. Elsewhere, Carter Blaire decides to send his ex-wife's possessions to her, while Katherine prepares to tell her other daughter Lois that her sister is Dazzler. That night Alison goes out on a date with Ken which ends in an argument between the two of them. Returning to her apartment, she finds herself too restless and decides to pay Warren Worthington a visit. Arriving at his apartment, she finds that he's been injured from the hawk attack engineered by the Sisterhood.

Deciding to take a flight across the city, they are soon tracked down by the Sisterhood, who follow after them in a helicopter and eventually attack them near a dam. During the flight, Dazzler is knocked into the water and Angel is easily defeated by the super-strength of Rogue. Rogue then is about to use her absorption powers on Angel, however, she hesitates when she considers the prospect of absorbing a physical mutation and her uneasiness at growing a pair of wings. This distracts the Sisterhood long enough for them to be counter-attacked by Dazzler, who manages to capture their helicopter and use it to escape with the unconscious Angel.

Back at Alison's apartment, Angel suggests that Dazzler seek protection and she considers hiring Power Man and Iron Fist for the job. Just then her sister Lois London knocks at her door, introducing herself for the first time to the sister she didn't even know she had.

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