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Synopsis for "Fire in the Night!"

Alison Blaire awakens in the night to smoke and finds that her apartment building has been set ablaze. She rouses and enters the hallway to try and set off the fire alarm to find it has been sabotaged, she is then forced to use her mutant powers as a beacon to bring the fire department to the building, unaware that her sister is witnessing her manifest her mutant powers. As Alison and Lois flee the burning building, they save one of their neighbours from a fiery death. After their escape Lois reveals to Alison that she learned of her mutant nature and although Lois is proud Allison is cryptic of her mutant nature.

As it turns out, a new costumed criminal arsonist named Flame is responsible. When he calls his employer he tells them of Alison's involvement in alerting the fire men and vows to prevent her from doing it again. When Crawley, the property manager of the building arrives on the scene, his tenants accuse him of not keeping the place up to code. His response to them arouses Dazzler's suspicions.

While elsewhere the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants meet at their secret hideout where Mystique tells Rogue not to go after the Dazzler again, Rogue agrees, however, Destiny is not sure that the girl will comply. Later that day at a television studio, Dazzler rehearses for a televised event when she is greeted by Heroes for Hire members Power Man and Iron Fist. She tells the two heroes about her recent plight with the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants and they agree to be hired on as her bodyguards. Just then the room bursts into flames and the Heroes for Hire and Dazzler work together to evacuate the burning TV studio. Afterwards, still unaware of Flame's involvement, Dazzler becomes even more paranoid that someone is out to get her.

Elsewhere in the city, Lois London and her mother Katherine Blaire are shopping together when suddenly Lois faints. Later that night Alison has a date with Ken and then leaves to find temporary lodging for the night. As Power Man and Iron Fist go out looking for the Sisterhood, Dazzler travels to the Crawley Real Estate Agency to see if her landlord can set her up with a temporary abode to live in. She stumbles upon the fact that Crawley has hired Flame to burn down her apartment building in order to force the tenants into a Co-Op agreement, because the current deal he has with his tenants is costing him money.

When Flame catches Dazzler snooping on them, he pulls her in the room and threatens to kill her, making Crawley reconsider his plan. Flame takes Dazzler to a warehouse to dispose of her however she gets free and battles him, matching her light powers with his control over flame. During the fight a blaze starts in the warehouse. Suddenly, Power Man and Iron Fist burst through the wall just as Dazzler is defeating Flame. They explain that they deduced that Crawley was probably responsible and learned of her current plight when they went to question him. The police and fire fighters appear shortly after to apprehend Flame and put out the blaze.

When Iron Fist suggests that Dazzler is no longer in any danger, she begins to really wonder if she is. As she thinks this, elsewhere in the city, Rogue has decided to go against Mystique's orders and get revenge against Dazzler. This story is continued next issue...

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