Quote1 Dazzler! Ah've come for ya! No use hidin', gal! Show yoah face! Quote2
-- Rogue

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Synopsis for "A Rogue in the House"

Rogue has broken into Alison Blaire's apartment to get revenge against the singing mutant for handing Rogue a defeat during their last fight. However, she finds the apartment empty. At first she begins trashing it and prepares to leave, but decides to wait out her foe, figuring that she will return eventually. Sure enough, Alison returns home, but her neighbour tips her off to the fact that Rogue is waiting in her apartment.

In a panic, Dazzler goes to a nearby phone booth and calls Power Man and Iron Fist to come and remove Rogue from her apartment. Rogue fights the Heroes for Hire, managing to overpower them before she decides to flee, just as Dazzler arrives to try and take Rogue on herself. Dazzler sees to the Heroes for Hire, totally unaware that Rogue had seen a note on Alison's bulletin board of a scheduled meeting with her sister Lois at her new university dorm, and that Rogue intends to attack her there.

Later Alison goes incognito to her next recording session and has a date with Kenneth, ending with her falling asleep on his couch. Warren Worthington, still in hiding to avoid the Sisterhood, rents out a gym for the night so that he can enjoy flying while still being unobserved.

Later that day, Alison goes to visit Lois at her dorm at State University, only to find that her sister has had another fainting spell. Before the girls can do anything about it, Rogue arrives and attacks Alison and Lois. To avoid her sister from getting harmed, Alison flees out the window with Rogue tailing behind. Rushing to the library, Dazzler drops her portable tape player, which is picked up by Rogue.

In order to generate enough light energy to fight off Rogue, Dazzler turns on the library's music system full blast. However, in spite of her boosted powers, Rogue manages to grab Alison with her bare hands and begin absorbing her light powers. Dazzler, however, manages to overpower Rogue long enough for the Heroes for Hire to arrive. The trio easily defeats Rogue, however the evil mutant deduces that Dazzler's powers work from sound, so she uses Dazzler's stolen powers and tape player to absorb enough sound energy to blind her captors and escape.

Later, the Heroes for Hire and Dazzler check on her sister and find that Lois is all right, although deep down the girl is frightened of the strange world that her mutant sister lives in.

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