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Synopsis for "Against the Wind"

During a performance at one of her shows some crooks attempt to rob the manager of the ticket sales. Noticing the altercation back stage, Dazzler tells her band to play as loud as possible and goes back stage and uses her light powers to defeat the crooks. After the fight is done, they take a brief pause from the show and Allison is commended by the theatre owner. She also meets with her half-sister Lois who is worried about her recent fainting spells and Allison agrees to meet her after the show, then leaves to continue her performance.

Lois decides to go for a walk, and ends up being hassled by a homeless man who attempts to rape her. During the tussle Lois manifests a mutant light power and burns the mans face, the fear the attack inspires causes the homeless man to die of a heart attack. In a panic, Lois flees the scene and later calls Allison in a panic and rushes to visit her. At Allison's apartment Lois explains the whole ordeal. Realizing her sister is also a mutant and the current wave of anti-mutant hysteria, Allison wonders if her sister would be unfairly treated in court and decides to call Ken Barnett. Although Ken advises her to turn Lois in, Allison decides that she is going to go on the lam with her sister and they begin to pack bags.

When news of the homeless mans death reaches Washington D.C., Peter Gyrich decides to send out mutant hunters, correctly surmising that the cause of the man's death must have been done by a mutant. The two girls meanwhile take a bus to Pittsburgh and get a motel room under aliases for the night. The two decide to go see a movie, however Dazzler is recognized in public causing them both to flee back to the hotel. Allison decides to go out and get items to make her less recognizable, while Lois lets a stray cat into their room. As Allison shops, Lois plays with the cat when the playful feline scratches her, Lois lashes out with her mutant power killing the cat. Realizing what she has done, Lois is horrified.

Allison, completely made over with a different outfit and wig manages to fool the desk clerk at the hotel that she is someone else. Entering the room, Allison calms Lois down and the two decide the best thing to do is to leave Pittsburgh before the dead cat is found. Just after they leave, two men hunting for them burst into the room and find the dead cat.

On a bus heading westbound, Allison wonders what she is going to do about her sisters plight. This story is continued next issue...

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