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Synopsis for "Fugitive!"

Dazzler and her half sister Lois are travelling across the country to Los Angeles to escape the law. As they travel, Dazzler dozes off thinking about what Lois' life would be like now that she has found she has mutant powers. This causes Dazzler to reflect on how strange her life has been over recent history. She is awoken when it turns out that Rogue has been riding the bus, and Alison and Lois are forced to fight her.

During the altercation, Rogue absorbs Lois' powers and uses them to disfigure Allison's face, in complete horror over what was done Alison lets loose a powerful light burst. It however also blinds the bus driver, causing them to drive off a cliff. Alison is then woken up by Lois, rousing her from a dream to tell her that they have arrived at their final destination: L.A.

Checking into a hotel room Alison and Lois once more talk about Lois' powers and how they accidentally killed a homeless man. Just as they are talking about it there is a knock at the door. Answering it all they find is a envelope with a series of photographs documenting Lois' fight with the homeless man and a note telling them to call a number. Alison decides to call it. The man on the phone tells them that he wants to hire them to murder someone in exchange for the negatives of the photograph. After giving Alison the location and another number for more instructions the man hangs up. He then picks up the phone and calls another man to tell him that he's found a lead in locating Lois.

Alison and Lois drive into LA and call in the next number and are given the instructions on who to murder and when. Hoping to find someway out, and knowing that Warren Worthington sometimes frequents L.A., Dazzler calls him up and gets his help in trying to catch the man who hired them. Going to the mansion that night, Alison and Lois refuse to kill the man, the guy who hired them appears with a gun attempting to shoot them all. Just then Angel bursts through the window and takes a bullet in the arm, but still manages to knock the gunman down.

All the fighting causes their target to wake up and both Lois and the man they were hired to kill recognize each other. This story is continued next issue.

Solicit Synopsis

Alison Blaire and her sister are on the run across country, fleeing from a murder her sister believes she has committed as a result of her bizarre mutant power. No wonder this one's called "Fugitive."


  • In the Letter's Page "Dazzling Dispatches" it is mentioned that the photo cover of Dazzler # 21 was done by Eliot Brown with touch ups by Bob Larkin featuring June MacDonald as Dazzler.

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