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In the secret hideout of the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants, Rogue is busy training with a fury. When Mystique and Destiny inquire as to why she is doing so, Rogue tells them that she intends to get revenge against Dazzler for her previous defeats once and for all.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Dazzler, her half-sister Lois London and the Angel are in the mansion of a man that Alison and Lois had been blackmailed into killing. Their employer defeated and Angel wounded by a bullet, they are all shocked to find that the man they had been sent to kill is Lois' father Nick Brown. Their blackmailer is really Brown's butler who was originally sent out to find Nick's estranged daughter due to his background in detective investigation. He explains that he snapped the photos of Lois killing the homeless man in self-defence and used it to blackmail the two women into suiting his greedy ends. Just then the police arrive with Alison's lawyer boyfriend Ken Barnett to arrest the butler.

Later in a limo leaving police headquarters, Ken explains to Alison, Lois and Nick that he was contacted by the Angel to give his legal help in the two girls' problems. After arresting Napier, they learned that he had more photos that clearly showed that the homeless man had attacked Lois and that she had acted out in self-defence and the man truly died of a heart attack. Everyone is happy about this except for Lois, who still feels badly that she took a human life. Because the radio is on, Alison is surprised to hear that her new album had hit the radios and has become a hit. Nick suggests that Alison contact his friend the famous singing star Roman Nekoboh, who works under him.

Just then their car is attacked by Rogue, who pulls Alison out and traps all the others inside the vehicle. With no source of sound, Dazzler bolts off to Nick's private garage filled with expensive cars. Hopping in the seat of a Rolls Royce, its engine produces sufficient noise to allow her to use her mutant light powers and she tries to escape in the vehicle. Rogue tries to follow and grabs onto the car, but Allison side swipes a tree to get her off.

Reaching an airfield, Allison smashes through the gates and pulls up near some fighter jets. After stunning Rogue with another light bolt, she manages to scramble into one of the jets and turn on its turbines. The added noise gives Dazzler superior power over Rogue and the two are fighting on more even ground. However, Dazzler's light powers manage to send Rogue on the defensive. Rogue ultimately ends up being knocked near the air intake of a jet and is at risk of being sucked in. Not wishing her attacker to be killed, Alison saves her life. With Rogue knocked out the battle is over. Not wanting to live a life of super-heroics, Dazzler puts Rogue in the trunk of the car to turn her over to the police and decides to focus solely on her music career.


  • Relates to Dazzler #27 on pg. 3 in reference to the occurances of the past issue.
  • Relates to Dazzler #21 on pg. 10 in reference to Dazzler thinking about Nick Brown's riches.

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