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  • Roman's private jet
  • Fighter jet

Synopsis for "Fame!"

Following the release of her new album "Sounds of Light and Fury", Alison Blaire has become an over night success. Taking on movie, photo and endorsement deals makes her a fortune. Later, Alison and Lois discuss their mutant abilities and Lois explains her life when Nick Brown and their mother Katherine Blaire lived together and the failure of their marriage. In spite of her misgivings about her father due to the way he treated her mother, Lois still wants to get to know him.

Meanwhile, at the mansion of famous musician Roman Nekoboh, Roman rises out of bed, the bald, overweight and bespectacled man then begins his rigorous routine of making himself look like the hansom media icon that he is with contact lenses, a wig, false teeth, a truss, and his usual wardrobe. Ready to face the day Nekoboh meets with his accountant who tells him that he is in serious financial problems unless he can find a way fast. Roman has a plan already in gear, making a movie that stars the newest media sensation: Alison Blaire.

After a photo shoot, Alison notices that people are pressuring her to leave her old agent Harry Osgood in favour of Nick Brown. She is then visited by Nekoboh who whisks her away to discuss his movie deal proposal. He rashly buy a fast car and speeds off to the local airport to go to his private jet. She finds his romantic advances and reckless spending annoying. Flying in the private Lear jet, Alison finally gives into Nekoboh's romantic advances, however the flight is shook up when an unmarked fighter plane attacks the Lear.

The turbulence from the initial strafe leaves Roman unconscious and Allison uses her light powers to attack the fighter plane at full force causing it to crash (however the pilot manages to escape.) Entering the cockpit, Alison finds that Roman's pilot has been shot and that she is the only one who can land the plane.

This story is continued next issue....


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