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Synopsis for "The Jewels of Doom!"

Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four tests Dazzler's powers, and determines that she's more powerful than she had thought. While at the FF's headquarters, we learn that the Jewels of Doom will be on display at the United Nations headquarters. Dazzler and Johnny Storm flirt and find some attraction for each other.

Harry, Dazzler's manager, manages to get her a gig singing at a UNICEF charity concert at the UN. We also meet Lancelot Steele, Dazzler's road manager.

Before the concert, Dazzler visits her father and grandmother. When Dazz tells her father that she intends to continue singing, Judge Blaire storms off.

Doctor Doom learns that his jewels will be on display, including a mystical one called the Merlin Stone. He intends to take it. He's not the only one who wants to snatch the jewels, however, as Dr. Frazen also wants to get his hands on the priceless gems. He hires some muscle to steal them during the UNICEF concert.

As Dazzler is getting ready for her show, she hears Lance have a scuffle with the thieves. She stops the crooks, but only just in time for Doctor Doom to appear and zap everyone.

Dazz and Doom go at it for a while, and Dazzler actually puts up a good fight. She's no match for Doctor Doom, however, and eventually gets blasted senseless. Doom gathers her up, intending to use her to hunt for the second Merlin Stone.


  • Art (issue pages): by Romita Jr. and Bulanadi pages 1-17, Kupperberg and Gil pages 18-30.

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