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  • Bill Remington (Only appearance)[1]


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Synopsis for "Tidal Wave!"

While on the set of a movie studio, Alison Blare is introduced to Bill Remington an actor and stunt man who is instantly smitten by her and talks her into joining him on a date sometime.

Later, Alison rents out an apartment from the McCorkle's who seem homely at first, but it turns out that they are bigoted toward mutants and so Alison must be extra careful that they do not learn of her true nature. She then takes up a job at as an aerobics instructor as a means of making money while trying to get her career going on the right path. She runs into Bill again, who is a member of the gym, and he asks her out again. She once more refuses, but decides that she will call him later and ask him out.

That night, Allison gets a call from Harry Osgood who regretfully informs her that he can no longer act as her agent. This upsets her, however she is cheered up when she gets roses from Bill. The next day after her class she runs into Bill and agrees to go out on a date with him. The next day he invites her to the set of his movie again where he is almost seriously injured doing a stunt, which really worries Alison.

Having dinner at her place, she agrees to see Bill's ocean side home, however as they head out that way a terrible storm hits. Further, the people in Bill's neighbourhood are fleeing the area because there are reports of a tsunami that will hit the coast. Bill still insists on going to his home in spite of the warning much to Alison's chagrin.

Alison finds the place beautiful but presses Bill to leave before the tsunami hits. When he refuses to go she flees the scene. However, she decides to go back to save him just at the same time that Bill decides that he doesn't want to die. They miss each others path, and Alison must face the tsunami alone, and uses her light powers to try and save herself. Alison manages to save Bill's home from destruction but almost drowns herself but she is saved by Bill.

Taking Alison back to his house, Bill realizes that for the longest time been on a path to self destruction and realizes that he needs to sort out his life before involving himself with anyone. The two then part on friendly terms.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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