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While Alison teaches an aerobics class, she is interrupted by the arrival of Medus and Lockjaw of the Inhumans. They ask for Dazzler's help and note how she is in debt to the Inhumans after Black Bolt aided her in defeating the Absorbing Man. However, Dazzler refuses not wanting to get involved in super-heroism again. She then resumes her class and later goes out for coffee with one of her students Janet McEntee to discuss their career aspirations.

Spotting Medusa and Lockjaw following her, Alison quickly sends Janet on her way and confronts the two Inhumans again, and they convince her to go along with them to the Moon to solve the Inhuman's emergency. There she learns of a strange black substance that has began enveloping the blue area of the Moon, home of the Inhumans. They are unaware that the source is Blackout, who has come to the moon with his partner Moonstone following their defeat at the hands of the Avengers, and having discovered the city of the Inhumans intent to try and take it over, as well as find more moon stones that might give Moonstone even more power.

In order to pierce the darkness, Black Bolt uses the sound of his voice to power Dazzler's mutant light ability to pierce the darkness revealing Moonstone and Blackout to the Inhumans. This causes a battle to erupt between the two forces. Black Bolt uses his maximum force on Dazzler to channel enough light power that over powers both of the costumed criminals, knocking them out.

The Inhuman's capture them and make arrangements with Reed Richards to turn them over to Project: Pegasus. Dazzler is hailed as a hero and becomes smitten toward an Inhuman named Banth, however she has Lockjaw send her home. Exhausted, Alison crashes for the night however she wakes up too late and as such turns up late for work.

Solicit Synopsis

The story's called "Catfight!" And it features the wildest all-girl barroom brawl of all time! What chance does the Dazzler's mutant light power stand against flying fists and scratching nails? And how did she get into this in the first place?

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Moonstone and Blackout appeared last in Avengers # 238

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