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Dazzler Vol 1 34 001
At a fashion show in L.A. the models begin to mysteriously disappear, teleported away to points unknown leaving nothing but the outfits they were wearing behind. Elsewhere at the Los Angeles Health Club, Alison is met after class by her aerobics student and friend Janet McEntee who suggests that Alison give her hand at modelling to see if she can pick up some regular work doing that. Deciding to go through with it, Alison uses her light powers to aid in taking photographs of herself which she mails to Millie's Fashion agency, owned by the famous Millie Collins. Days later when her portfolio reaches Millie, Millie is most impressed and decides to schedule an appointment with Alison, however her excitement is marred when news about more of her models mysteriously vanishing during a show reaches her.

The next day Alison is once more approached by Roman Nekoboh who offers his aid and tosses romantic advances at Alison. Alison, as usual, is very short with Roman and ends up turning him down and sending him packing when she finds her response letter from Millie's Models agency.

Waiting for her meeting with Millie, Alison meets Chili Storm, a rival model and a former childhood adversary of Millie who tells Alison of the strange disappearances and spreads lies about Millie's agency. Millie shows up and tells her off and has Chili escorted from the office and ends up hiring Alison much to Chili's chagrin.

After telling Janet about her success at getting hired by Millie, Alison finds herself showing off fashions by Doug Scruggs a famous fashion designer. Much to her surprise Chili has also been hired for the fashion job as well. During the fitting, Alison comes across a business card from a company called Revenge Inc. and believes that Chili might be the one using their services to sabotage Millie's fashion shows. Much like other fashion shows, the models -- Alison and Chili included -- are teleported away, leaving nothing but their show clothing behind.

The girls find themselves transported to a jail cell in a home owned by Tom Devine, a fashion designer that has been forgotten in the fashion circles and is hungry for revenge against the "young kids" that have stolen his fame. He explains that he hired Revenge Inc. to supply him with the technology to do so and has been striking against the fashion industry since with much success.

After Tom leaves the girls alone, Alison manages to open the cage with her light powers, using a nail file as a cover for being able to break open the lock. The girls then storm Tom's office and knock him out, turning him over to the police. Later, Alison, having had her fill of modelling resigns from her job, and suggests to Millie that she hire Chili to take her place.

Later, Roman once more tries to weasel his way into advancing Alison's career and once more is rejected. Alison is left with her thoughts, between Roman and organizations like Revenge Inc. Alison wonders if she will ever truly be left alone.

This story is continued in Marvel Graphic Novel #12....


  • Pat Powers was the inspiration behind this story

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