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Other Characters:

  • Diana Simon (Only appearance; dies)[1] (Main story and flashback)
  • Mr. Simon (Diana's father) (Only appearance; dies)[1]




Synopsis for "The Girl in the Machine"

Alison Blaire has been called to visit her old high school friend Diana Simon. Arriving on the estate she is attacked by the guard dogs and is about to defend herself with her light powers when they are scared off by Peter Koestler who tells her that Diana died six months ago, and brings her into the home to meet with Diana's father. Mr. Simon welcomes her in, but speaking to her in private warns her to leave this place as soon as possible, for her own good but will not explain why.

Shortly after, Mr. Simon has a private meeting with the men who have come to see him, and their business dealings are not all that on the up and up. Alison meanwhile has decided that something suspicious is going on and decides to snoop around. She ends up finding a room with a strange device and she is startled by the sudden entry of Peter. Peter explains to her that the device is really a holographic video game system that creates 3-D images of the game in a dome. He then shows her how to use the game. Playing a samurai warrior game. Alison suddenly loses control of her game character who easily defeats Paul's character in a duel, this causes some feedback which causes Peter's controls to short out. Alison decides to go and tell Mr. Simon while Peter stays to find out what went wrong.

While trying to find Mr. Simon, Alison enters a room and is shocked to find Diana, alive and well, but rigged to the computer. Diana tells Alison that she her mind had been absorbed into the computer and that soon it's logic will override her personality. She explains that after the death of her mother she and her father became very poor and took her death very badly. One day they were approached by Revenge Inc. who offered them large sums of money in exchange for experiments to be conducted on Diana. Her father soon became a high ranking member of the organization as well, however Diana decided to escape Revenge Inc. when she realized that the experiments linking her to computers was also eliminating her personality. She faked her own death, but found that it was too late to reverse the effects, and so her father and her constructed this elaborate plot to invite major members of Revenge Inc. to their home and kill them all in revenge for what had happened. Diana decides that she made a mistake in inviting Dazzler to her home and wants no witnesses and wants to kill her. She attacks Alison with her automated weapons, however Alison manages to defend herself with her light powers.

Meanwhile, the automated systems in the mansion all begin targeting the members of Revenge Inc. that are present. When Abrahim, the General Manager is killed, the other members kill her father in retribution, realizing that Diana is responsible. Alison comes to their rescue and finds that the other members of Revenge Inc. are only interested in killing her and Peter and saving themselves. Diana sends a holographic construct of a samurai warrior after them and kills the other Revenge Inc. members, but Alison and Peter manage to escape.

Peter and Alison realize that the only person that Diana will probably not attack would be her father and so Alison uses her light powers to create a hologram of Mr. Simon so that they can gain access to her control room once more without trouble. There, Peter pulls a gun wanting to end his former lovers prolonged mockery of an existence, however the samurai hologram bursts in. Diana regains control of her humanity just long enough to command the samurai to destroy the computers that keep her alive. Dying, Diana thanks them both for their help in freeing her and passes on. With the mansion bursting into flames from the exploding machinery, Dazzler uses her light powers to break them free and they manage to escape just as the house explodes, knocking Dazzler and Peter out in the process. Peter revives before Alison and contemplates killing her so nobody finds out about his involvement. Deciding to change his ways, he instead leaves Alison alone and walks away from the scene.

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