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  • Dust (First appearance)

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Synopsis for ""Challenge""

At a rough bar in San Francisco, bounty hunter O.Z. Chase and his dog Cerberus (a mutt he earned through collecting a marker) capture their latest bounty. On their way back to Los Angeles, O.Z. learns that the US Bail Bonds want him to capture a "special" target in San Diego.

In that very city, Wolverine and Colossus are on location on a special mission with the X-Men, they have come to attack Dazzler, who has a new look and is once more performing, this time doing an exclusive engagement for the Harborsite Motel. There the sleazy owner and his bouncer try to entice her into doing "extra" work for the club for it's "connected" clientèle. When the owner won't accept no for an answer and sicks his bouncer on her she uses her light powers on both of them to knock them out. She is applauded by Wolverine who attacks as soon as she notices his presence, making the mutant chanteuse flee right into Colossus who tries to attack her also. Why at the two X-Men attacking her? The answer to that happened days prior...

With anti-mutant hysteria increasing, and the number of attacks against her since outing herself as a mutant, Dazzler had travelled to New York to seek the aid of the X-Men so that she may get training so that she could defend herself. During this time, she would be pushed by Wolverine who dismissed her as nothing more than a washed up celebrity that won't cut it in their world. Despite passing her training in the X-Men's Danger Room, Wolverine still has his doubts. Sick of his jabbing from the feral mutant agrees to a final test to show that she has what it's take.

Returning to the present time... Dazzler has managed to escape the two attacking X-Men and get into her room where she puts on her newly made uniform, created by Professor X to allow Dazzler to better control and harness her mutant light powers. Their fight is taken to a dock where she easily defeats Colossus with her light powers. Wolverine proves to be a stronger challenge, however she manages to deliver him a similar humiliation as he did to her in their Danger Room training sessions. Furious that she did this, Wolverine is about to strike again when he is knocked out by an optic blast fired by Cyclops -- called out of his leave of absence to overlook the battle. With the battle over, the recovering X-Men are convinced Dazzler can look after herself and they all part on good terms.

While the next morning in Los Angeles O.Z. Chase shows up at the US Bail Bonds office to collect his payment, the man at the desk offers him his next assignment: capture Dazzler. O.Z. takes up the case and leaves, not noticing that the man who hired him is beginning to crumble into dust.

This story is continued next issue....

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