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Synopsis for ""Here Nightmares Abide!""

Doctor Doom has kidnapped Dazzler to one of his secret hideaways. Once she has regained consciousness, he tells her he needs her to go to another dimension and get the second Merlin stone he has discovered. Meanwhile, Dazzler is in the parallel dimension fighting for her very life. Alison utilizes her radio which picks up nothing but static. However, she can still convert even this sound to light energy. Dazzler is confronted by the ruler of this dimension who calls himself Nightmare. He refuses to hand over the Merlin stone and Dazzler is once again pressed into action. After she turns on her dazzling array of power, Nightmare suddenly decides that the Merlin stone is a gaudy bauble and not worth all this effort to keep in his possession. He gives the jewel to Dazzler. Dazzler returns to Doom’s hideaway with the stone. Doom thanks her by allowing her to live to serve him further. Mistakenly, he turns his back to her. She realizes her radio is playing music now and musters up enough energy to create a laser. The laser ricochets around the room damaging equipment and robotrons alike. Doom finally wins by knocking her unconscious by partially collapsing the ceiling. Meanwhile, at the United Nations building, Mr. Osgood is looking for Dazzler with no results. Johnny Storm shows up to help the police look for the missing Dazzler. Chief O’Malley tells him that only one jewel is missing and it’s not exceptionally valuable. Dr. Arturo Frazen is also located by the police, but the Chief orders him returned to his own embassy. Johnny Storm figures out she may have been taken by Dr. Doom and he returns to the Baxter Building to alert the rest of the Fantastic Four. However, Doom notices the arrival of Johnny Storm. Since he has no wish to fight any member of the Fantastic Four at this time Doom flees his hideaway and leaves Dazzler lying on the floor. Johnny rushes to Dazzler's side, picks her up off the floor, and cries over her unconscious form. Alison’s family learns of her disappearance. Her Grandmother is upset, and her father locks himself away in his study and is shocked at his inability to cry for his lost daughter.

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