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Continued from last issue.... Dust has called in Stomper of the Outriders to account for the groups failure in capturing Dazzler. He explains to Stomper that he and Silence were scientists that developed a powerful drug for the CIA, however it was used on them and caused horrible results, Silence developing sounds muting powers while Dust's body crumbled and would need to transfer his mind into new bodies. The other test subjects soon spawn offspring that would have the drug in their system. This "New Wave" would soon have latent super-human abilities that were awakened by Dazzler's light powers when she publicly revealed her mutant powers. Gathering the New Wave as a cult under Dust and Silence's lead, the group would hope to capture Dazzler and force her to use her light powers to reawaken the full effect of the drugs in their systems so that they could be free from it's more lethal aspects. With his body rapidly crumbling, Dust then takes control of Stompers body and reports back to Silence. The two decide it's time to call in all their New Wave and capture Dazzler before it's too late.

Dazzler and O.Z. Chase meanwhile have been trying to track down the Outriders since they escaped their previous battle. Finding no leads, the two decide to call it a night before continuing their journey to Los Angeles to deal with Alison's legal problems. That night Silence uses her powers to contact all the members of the New Wave and gather them together in order to collect Dazzler. The call also reaches one man named Arthur Alan Smith, an inmate in Chanute, Kansas penitentiary, an obsessive Dazzler fan and he feels compelled to break out of jail and protect her.

Meanwhile, Dazzler is brought to a mansion in Denver by O.Z. Chase where she is met by someone she thinks is her father. However, Carter Blaire has become the latest victim and host body for Dust, and Chase unknowingly hands Dazzler over to her "father" to deal with her legal problems. Finding something fishy, Chase returns to the mansion and finds the decayed corpse of Stomper and realizes that it's a trick.

Dust meanwhile has revealed his true identity to Dazzler and his intentions for her, and sets his minion Joshua against her. She is able to use her light powers to defend herself. The battle takes it's toll on the novice Joshua who passes out from psychic feedback. When Dust demands that she use her light powers on him she refuses and gives up. When Dust attempts to possess her body, he is blasted by O.Z. Chase and seemingly perishes. Before dying, Dust boasts about his New Wave and Dazzler, determined to end this once and for all impulsively rushes off in a car leaving Chase behind. Meanwhile, aware of her husbands apparent demise, Silence begins preparing a reception for Dazzler.

This story is concluded next issue....


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