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Appearing in ""Tell Joey I Love Him!" (Or "Even with Not-So-Great Power Comes Great Responibility!")"

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Synopsis for ""Tell Joey I Love Him!" (Or "Even with Not-So-Great Power Comes Great Responibility!")"

Waking up in the hospital after a nightmare involving the villains in her most recent adventures, Dazzler meets a woman named Antia Cartelli, who calls out for her son Joey in her sleep.

Elsewhere in the city, a new vigilante hero has appeared, calling himself Blue Shield. Blue Shield is busting up a local bar known for its illegal gambling ring in order to find information pertaining to a stolen military weapon that is in the possession of one of the local crime lords.

Dazzler ends up getting caught up in Blue Shield's battle against crime-boss Bo Barrigan and his Terror Tank. Destroying the device and after Barrigan seemingly perishes in the battle, Dazzler realizes that Blue Shield is really Anita Cartelli's son. Informing him of his mother's condition, Blue Sheld secrets away to the hospital to meet her. Afterwards, Alison asks Dr. Paul Janson out on a date.


  • Cover art: sketch by Hannigan.

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