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Synopsis for "The Hulk May Be Hazardous to Your Health!"

Following a band practice that is interrupted by Lancelot's two-cents, Harry arrives with news that the band will be filling in for a country-western act that had to cancel. On her way home after practice, Dazzler stops a street gang called Satan's Creeps from robbing people in the subway. However, one of the subway patrons starts spewing anti-mutant rhetoric after she uses her powers to save them and she is forced to flee the mob it generates. Later her date with Paul is canceled when duty at the hospital calls him away.

The next day while Alison and her band setup for their gig at Gordon University, they are unaware of the presence of Bruce Banner. Banner has come to the university seeking information that might cure him of being the Hulk. In order to do so, he takes up a job as a janitor to get close to the computer science lab where the information he seeks could be stored.

As Dazzler and her band start up their performance, Banner makes an attempt to gain access to the lab, however he is spotted and chased by security. When he drops his tranquilizers, Banner is unable to stop his transformation into the Hulk. The Hulk then bursts in on the performance, and gets into a brief battle with Dazzler, who tries to stop the Hulk from hurting anyone. The Hulk overpowers Dazzler, in spite of her light powers, and goes on a rampage through the campus. Undaunted, Dazzler picks herself off the group and chases after the Hulk to make sure he doesn't harm anybody during his rampage.


  • Plot by DeFalco, script by Fingeroth.

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