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Synopsis for "Fort Apache, The Hulk!"

The Hulk is rampaging through Gordon University, and while Dazzler's band flees with the panicked crowd, Dazzler attempts to stop the Hulk before the jade giant can hurt anybody. While in an office in the World Trade Center, the mysterious man known as the Techsmith has arranged for the Enforcers to be broken out of Rykers prison in order to kill Harry Osgood.

Back at Gordon University, Dazzler continues to try and stop the Hulk, when the military arrives and makes matters worse. Dazzler chases after the Hulk, but after she sees the Hulk react calmly and gentle towards a dog he finds in a cage in a science lab, Dazzler changes her tactics and uses her light powers to lull the Hulk into a state of calm.

Revering back into Bruce Banner, Dazzler agrees to help smuggle him out of the area, and evade capture. Giving him a new set of clothes and some money, Dazzler leaves him a note wishing him good luck.

Later that night, Alison tries to arrange a date with Paul, but is deflected by his secretary who doesn't like her. Dazzler goes to sleep, little knowing that she is being watched by someone who has plans for her.

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Techmaster appears next in Dazzler # 8 (next issue)


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