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Synopsis for "Hell... Hell Is for Harry!"

Called up to a meeting with Harry and Lancelot, Dazzler is asked to reveal the secret of her light powers. Not wanting to be outed as a mutant for fear of the anti-mutant backlash, Dazzler explains it's a stage secret and storms out of the office.

Later that day, as Lancelot is supervising a performance by another artist, he is accosted by the Enforcers who have come looking for Osgood. Osgood hides and witnesses the whole ordeal in hiding. Unable to learn Osgood's location, the Enforcers return to their employer who reveals that it's Osgood's fault that he is horribly disfigured.

Osgood runs to Alison's apartment for help, and explains how he had hired William Blitzer (aka the Techmaster) to make state of the art special effects for a new club called Dreamland out in Queens. However when a lightning bolt generator went awry, it caused a fire that disfigured and crippled Blitzer, and the resulting fire killed many. Just then the Enforcers burst in and kidnap Osgood.

Learning that the property where Dreamland was built now has a supermarket built in its place and deducing that it's where the Enforcers would have gone, Dazzler goes and rescues her employer. Unable to defeat the Enforcers due to her lack of fighting prowess, she resorts to her mutant powers and when the group is defeated she trips the alarm and they are arrested.

Afterwords, Osgood agrees to keep Dazzler's mutant nature a secret for her own safety. On her way home from Osgood's office, she's asked -- at gunpoint -- to enter a car owned by a man named Mr. Meeker.


  • Idea by DeFalco.

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