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Synopsis for "The Sound and the Fury!"

Dazzler soon finds herself in the company of Project Pegasus, a secret government organization that tests alternative energy resources (read: Super-humans), and soon finds herself their prisoner. Introduced to their security officer Quasar, the Project staff attempts to acclimatize her to her new surroundings and test the limits of her abilities.

She meets the villain Klaw who warns her that soon she will be a prisoner as much as he is if she doesn't act before it's too late. While those involved in her everyday life begin to wonder where Alison is, she becomes more and more upset by being kept by the Project's staff. Freeing Klaw, the villain attempts to escape, but is opposed by Quasar and Dazzler. Quasar is easily defeated, however when Klaw attempts to attack Dazzler, her power to convert sound into light absorbs Klaw's entire body into hers.

Super-charged with light energy Dazzler is furious that the Project staff had unwittingly made her a murderer and she uses her powers to break free of her prison, however she passes out in the wilderness. Her amplified power source is detected by Galactus' ship, prompting the Galactus' drone to inform its master.


  • Idea by DeFalco.

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