Deïdameia was the daughter of Lycomedes, king of Scyros.[1]

As Sea Goddess Thetis foresaw that her son Achilles would not return from the Trojan War, she sent him to hid at Lycomedes' court, disguised as woman. When Menelaus and Agamemnon gathered the Achaean warriors, he sent Odysseus, Nestor and Ajax to Scyros in order to retrieve Achilles.[1]

After mistakenly attacking Teuthrania while searching for Troy, Achilles' vessels went to Scyros, where he married Deïdameia. Their wedding ceremony was interrupted by Telephus, king of Teuthrania, whom Achilles had wounded and was the only one who could cure him.[1] Achilles then impregnated Deïdameia with a son: Neoptolemus, who was later dragged into the Trojan War as well.[2]

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