After the disappearance of half of the Kree Empire population due to the event of the Infinity Gauntlet, the Captain Dea-Sea was placed on red alert with the Kree fleet assuming that such outrage reeked of Skrull treachery. [1]

Years later, after Reed Richard's recreation of the multiverse led to the discovery of the new Infinity Stones, the newly anoited Extreme Intelligence dispatched the Kree Imperial Fleet to the far reaches of space in search of them. Captain Dea-Sea discovered a strange energy signature in The Arcturus System, but before he could investigate further, a patrol of Badoon warships tracking the same energy attacked. Outgunned, Dea-Sea attempted to call a retreat, when the Badoon were wiped out by the appearance of The Dark Starhawk. Dea-Sea assumed the new Starhawk was an ally, and reached out to thank him for the assistance, but the Starhawk revealed that the only reason he hadn't destroyed the Kree vessel is because he thought it was a cooler looking ship than the Badoon's. Starhawk commandeered the ship for The Fraternity of Raptors and set course for Earth, leaving the fate of Captain Dea-Sea and his crew unknown. [2]

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