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The Deacon was a serial killer who believed that he was chosen by God to kill the sinners of the world, but in fact he was chosen by Zadkiel, eventually he was captured and put in prison.

When Johnny Blaze learned the truth of his origin, he went to the prison the Deacon was held in to talk to a priest that was being held there for murder. One of the prison guards let Deacon out of his cell and gave him two large knives and the stone serum, giving him super strength. He fought Ghost Rider and was winning until they entered the chapel and Blaze beat him with a bible.[3]

Escaping from prison he slaughtered the order of nuns that raised Caretaker, Sara, and continued to act as an agent of Zadkiel. When the Ghost Riders went to heaven through the gate guarded by the Gun Nuns the Deacon showed up and slaughtered the nuns. Before he could kill the last one, Sara arrived.[4] The two fought and Sara slashed his back, severing his spine and crippling him. He was later seen in a hospital bed with the Orb.[5]

At some point, Deacon died and his soul was sent to Hell, becoming a demon. When Blaze became the King of Hell, Deacon was one of the demons who attempted to usurp the Devil's Throne from him.[6]

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