Deacon Frost sought to destroy the Vampire Council as revenge for a vampire killing his son. He also sought to replace them with his organization, Existence. While he did get his revenge against the Council, he was eventually killed by Blade the Vampire Hunter.[1]


Seemingly those of Deacon Frost of Earth-616

  • Enhanced Vampirism: He infected himself with a genetically-enhanced variant of the vampire virus.
  • Infectious Bite: He can infect others with the vampire virus through his bite, turning them into vampires.
  • Superhuman Strength: He has massive superhuman strength for a vampire, being able to easily beat Blade with just two physical blows.
  • Superhuman Speed: He has massive superhuman speed and reflexes, being capable of parrying with Blade using his hand.
  • Regeneration: He can regenerate faster than most other species, provided he consumes blood when hungry.
  • Immortality: He is immune to age and illness due to the vampire virus. He can be killed by weapons made of silver.
  • UV Immunity: After taking more genetic enhancements, he made himself immune to sunlight.


  • Intellect: Deacon Frost was an expert scientist. He created many variants of the vampire virus, before creating one which give him abilities which make him more superior to vampires.

Strength level

  • Superhuman to an unknown degree


  • Silver Weapons: Despite his genetically enhanced vampiric abilities and an immunity to sunlight, he was still vulnerable to silver.
  • Blood Dependency:Like all vampires, Frost needs to consume blood daily in order to survive.


  • Vast Resources: He founded his own vampiric organization, Existence, which rapidly established itself all over the content of Asia.

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