The being called Dead, Man was a character living in the AC Universe. At one point, he was hearing his cassette recordings when he bumped into Dr. Deranged, a refugee from a different universe who was being chased by AC's Dr. Feet. Dead, Man interacted with Deranged, but did not hinder him at any point. Anyway, Dr. Feet reached Deranged, and the Fandom Stranger and the Spatula joined the scene. Eventually, the Aunty Monitor decided to reboot the AC Universe, and thus Dead, Man and the other natives could no longer see or interact with Deranged.


He can defy gravity and appear upside down, but the smoke from his cigarette will still go up.


A walkman with tapes of the Grateful Dead. Also, a cigarette.

He speaks including the word "like" in his sentences, which are not exactly coherent.

This character is a parody of DC Comics character Deadman

Dead, Man is a fan of psychedelic rock band Grateful Dead, listening to a tape of them and mentioning Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir by name. In the next issue, What The--? #3, another dead-themed character, Dour Dead-head, mentions he'd rather not miss "Weir and Garcia" ("Dead-head" being also a colloquial name for fans of the band).

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