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Quote1.png My name is Dead Girl. I died and then made myself not so dead. So I am the expert on that. Quote2.png
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In her normal life Dead Girl was an aspiring actress. However, a fellow actor murdered her while she stayed with him in a hotel. Her mutant powers triggered and she avenged her death. Although the others considered her 'weird', Dead Girl agreed to join the team.[1] When X-Statix were killed on their final mission, Dead Girl fell apart due to some type of disease that decomposed her.[2]

Now that a deceased villain is attempting to use other dead heroes and villains in a plot, Dead Girl and Doctor Strange are attempting to stop him. The villain is the Pitiful One, intent on gathering other residents of Hell - such as Miss America, Kraven, Mysterio, The Ancient One, and Dead Girl's previous teammate The Anarchist - to bring himself to life once more, with only Doctor Strange and Dead Girl, with the aid of her dead friends, to stop them. In order to combat the Pitiful One's plans, Dead Girl and Strange enlist help from dead heroes sent to Heaven, including Ant-Man II, the Phantom Rider, and someone known as the Piano-Player; they also call on Mister Sensitive and U-Go Girl, two of Dead Girl's former teammates.[3]

When Katie Sawyer, the daughter of U-Go Girl, began to manifest her powers, Dead Girl and Doop took her to the cemetery where her mom had been buried to give her few minutes with her mom. She didn't like it at first, but later understood. Dead Girl was in-between the land of the living and the dead. She helped with the reassembling of X-Statix, and her mission became taking down the X-Cellent.[4]


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Physically deceased. Her mutation was triggered by death.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: She can rebuild her molecular structure from virtually any physical attack, regardless of how much damage or destruction she sustains, even if reduced to a skeleton.[5]
  • Toxin Immunity: She can safely survive toxic conditions deadly to anyone else.[5]
  • Sharp Claws: She can transform her hands into claws.[5]
  • Limb Reanimation: She can animate and control parts of her body even after they have been severed.[5]
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  • Intangibility[5]
    • Air-Walking: She can use this ability to walk on air.[5]
  • Necromancy/Necrokinesis: She has the ability to telepathically communicate with cells, bacteria, and dead/disintegrating tissue of corpses, speak to dead spirits either using their physical remains or on the astral plane, temporarily resurrect the recently deceased as zombies or ghosts, and briefly summon images of deceased people from the minds of others.[5]

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